WEB DX Cluster for HAM radio IZ3MEZ-8

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ACCESS FROM INTERNET: telnet cluster.iz3mez.it 8000
ACCESS FROM AMPR NET: telnet dxc.iz3mez.ampr.org 8000 or telnet 8000
IZ3MEZ INTERNET: https://www.iz3mez.it
IZ3MEZ AMPR NET: http://iz3mez.ampr.org

Today spots
DX Cont spots
Date: 23 October 2019 Time: 23:02:39Z (UTC)

Server: dxc.iz3mez.ampr.org | Node: 2 | VPN: Up | CPU: 12% | MEM Free: 89%

Selected UHF 13 cm: 2300 MHz – 2450 MHz

18:31Z 2320110.0 DL7QY (EU) Germany F5DQK2 (EU) France from 529 to 58 in USB deep QS
18:28Z 2320900.0 SR1SHS/B (EU) Poland DL6NCI2 (EU) Germany jo73pg<->jo50vi 559 new bcn
18:12Z 2320831.0 DB0FGB (EU) Germany OE1SOW2 (EU) Austria JN88 519 tr never hrd b4 !
18:10Z 2320194.0 OE5VRL/5 (EU) Austria F5DQK2 (EU) France 519-529 deep QSB
18:10Z 2320970.0 OK0EB/B (EU) Czech Republic DJ5AR2 (EU) Germany JN49CV<->JN78DU 529
17:15Z 2320191.0 OE5VRL/5 (EU) Austria DK9TF2 (EU) Germany JO31 JN78 > JO31 59 +++
16:56Z 2320904.7 DB0MJ/B (EU) Germany DC8EC2 (EU) Germany 62dB anl
16:55Z 2320907.4 OK0ER/B (EU) Czech Republic DL6NCI2 (EU) Germany jn99dp<->jo50vi 539
16:41Z 2320832.0 DK0FGB/B (EU) Germany OE3JPC2 (EU) Austria JN87 JO50-JN87 599 norm nil
16:40Z 2320890.0 OK0EKL/B (EU) Czech Republic OE3JPC2 (EU) Austria JN87 599 norm nil JO60-JN87
16:37Z 2320904.7 DB0MJ/B (EU) Germany DC8EC2 (EU) Germany 46dB anl, norm < 6dB
16:17Z 2320086.0 S55ZMS/B (EU) Slovenia 9A2SB2 (EU) Croatia jn86cr 599++ AN
15:21Z 2320886.0 F5ZMF/B (EU) France F5DQK2 (EU) France 419 1/5 time
15:16Z 2320887.5 ON0VHF/B (EU) Belgium F5DQK2 (EU) France 519 qsb
13:41Z 2320810.0 OK0EA/B (EU) Czech Republic DJ5AR2 (EU) Germany JN49CV<->JO70UP 599
11:48Z 2400000.0 FY5KE (SA) French Guiana OE9DGV2 (EU) Austria JN47
11:25Z 2400290.0 FY5KE (SA) French Guiana F6AOJ2 (EU) France JN08 Qo-100
11:14Z 2320859.0 DB0SHF/B (EU) Germany DJ5AR2 (EU) Germany JN49CV<->JN48WP 549
11:11Z 2320810.0 DB0NCO/B (EU) Germany DJ5AR2 (EU) Germany JN49CV<->JN59JD 539
11:07Z 2320908.0 OK0ER/B (EU) Czech Republic DJ5AR2 (EU) Germany JN49CV<->JN99DP 419
11:05Z 2320831.0 DB0FGB/B (EU) Germany DJ5AR2 (EU) Germany JN49CV<->JO50WB 599+
11:02Z 2320890.0 OK0EKL/B (EU) Czech Republic DJ5AR2 (EU) Germany JN49CV<->JO60LJ64 599
10:21Z 2320830.0 GB3MHZ/B (EU) England G4LDR2 (EU) England JO02PB(TR)IO91EC 549
10:19Z 2320920.0 GB3FNM/B (EU) England G4LDR2 (EU) England IO91OF(TR)IO91EC 599
10:17Z 2320955.0 GB3LES/B (EU) England G4LDR2 (EU) England IO92IQ(TR)IO91EC 529
10:16Z 2320905.0 GB3SCS/B (EU) England G4LDR2 (EU) England IO80UU(TR)IO91EC 599
10:14Z 2320870.0 GB3ZME/B (EU) England G4LDR2 (EU) England IO82RP(TR)IO91EC 549
10:13Z 2320830.0 GB3MHZ/B (EU) England DJ5AR2 (EU) Germany JN49CVJO02PB -12 PI4

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