WEB DX Cluster for HAM radio IZ3MEZ-8

For non-registered users only enabled RX Spot. For registered users enable all features.
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ACCESS FROM INTERNET: telnet cluster.iz3mez.it 8000
ACCESS FROM AMPR NET: telnet dxc.iz3mez.ampr.org 8000 or telnet 8000
IZ3MEZ INTERNET: https://www.iz3mez.it
IZ3MEZ AMPR NET: http://iz3mez.ampr.org

Today spots
DX Cont spots
Date: 10 December 2019 Time: 02:10:41Z (UTC)

Server: dxc.iz3mez.ampr.org | Node: 2 | VPN: Up | CPU: 25% | MEM Free: 87%

Selected MF 160 mt: 1810 KHz – 2000 KHz

02:03Z 1821.5 LA1MFA (EU) Norway KA6BIM (NA) USA CN73
02:03Z 1844.0 T6AA (AS) Afghanistan T6AA (AS) Afghanistan f/h tx 1000+
02:03Z 1824.5 SM5EDX (EU) Sweden W5ZN (NA) USA EM45
02:00Z 1828.5 OM2XW (EU) Slovak Republic K9NO (NA) USA
01:59Z 1841.3 UA3AGW (EU) European Russia K7VIC (NA) USA
01:56Z 1840.0 R8KAN (AS) Asiatic Russia DH8WR (EU) Germany JO50 TNX 73
01:55Z 1841.7 AD4Z (NA) USA NP2Q (NA) US Virgin Islands
01:52Z 1840.0 UK9AA (AS) Uzbekistan DH8WR (EU) Germany JO50 TNX 73
01:50Z 1840.0 LU8DPM (SA) Argentina DH8WR (EU) Germany JO50 TNX 73
01:47Z 1828.5 OM2XW (EU) Slovak Republic VE6WZ (NA) Canada DO21 10 second QSB peaks
01:45Z 1840.0 UN1L (AS) Kazakhstan DH8WR (EU) Germany JO50 TNX 73
01:42Z 1830.4 N8OO (NA) USA F4HEC (EU) France
01:38Z 1840.0 UB0A (AS) Asiatic Russia DH8WR (EU) Germany JO50 TNX 73
01:35Z 1829.5 RX3APM (EU) European Russia KA6BIM (NA) USA CN73
01:33Z 1808.0 HI3AA (NA) Dominican Republic W1UJ (NA) USA cq
01:31Z 1828.5 OM2XW (EU) Slovak Republic KA6BIM (NA) USA CN73
01:28Z 1826.9 K7BX/VP9 (NA) USA W1UJ (NA) USA
01:27Z 1827.0 K7BX/VP9 (NA) USA WA1BXY (NA) USA FN41
01:25Z 1827.0 K7BX/VP9 (NA) USA KA6BIM (NA) USA CN73
01:24Z 1807.9 HI3AA (NA) Dominican Republic W3LPL (NA) USA FM19 Heard in PA and NH
01:21Z 1827.0 K7BX/VP9 (NA) USA VE6WZ (NA) Canada DO21
01:16Z 1829.5 RX3APM (EU) European Russia VE6WZ (NA) Canada DO21
01:15Z 1841.7 K4JJW (NA) USA NP2Q (NA) US Virgin Islands
01:15Z 1829.5 RX3APM (EU) European Russia K1BZ (NA) USA Cling CQ simplex
01:14Z 1828.5 OM2XW (EU) Slovak Republic W5ZN (NA) USA EM45
01:11Z 1815.0 VA3KVF (NA) Canada F4HEC (EU) France with KE0IAT
01:01Z 1826.0 K5TF (NA) USA K4JJW (NA) USA EM85 Hi Dick
00:47Z 1829.5 N0FW (NA) USA EA1ALE (EU) Spain
00:34Z 1829.5 N0FW (NA) USA RX3APM (EU) European Russia LOUD in Moscow
00:34Z 1832.1 GW3YDX (EU) Wales VE9AA (NA) Canada FN66 CW
00:33Z 1833.0 4S7AB (AS) Sri Lanka K9RX (NA) USA still trying for NA? SR+15
00:32Z 1822.0 HA8JV (EU) Hungary VE9AA (NA) Canada FN66 Tu Paul CW
00:28Z 1832.1 GW3YDX (EU) Wales W3LPL (NA) USA FM19 Heard in NH
00:25Z 1840.0 RA0FF (AS) Asiatic Russia JA3SWL (AS) Japan PM85
00:22Z 1833.0 4S7AB (AS) Sri Lanka N0FW (NA) USA Light But Workable
00:20Z 1830.0 OY1R (EU) Faroes Islands W3LPL (NA) USA FM19 Heard in NH
00:19Z 1842.6 UA4HBW (EU) European Russia K7VIC (NA) USA
00:17Z 1842.6 VO2NS (NA) Canada K7VIC (NA) USA
00:15Z 1833.0 4S7AB (AS) Sri Lanka SV8FXN (EU) Greece
00:13Z 1833.0 4S7AB (AS) Sri Lanka F6ARC (EU) France CQ lonely
00:12Z 1833.0 4S7AB (AS) Sri Lanka 4S7AB (AS) Sri Lanka NJ07 CQ DX CW
00:10Z 1841.4 VO2NS (NA) Canada K4YJ (NA) USA EM88
00:09Z 1813.0 EA5BYP (EU) Spain LU8DPM (SA) Argentina CQ DX Elmno,loud
00:05Z 1829.1 RX3APM (EU) European Russia K4RUM (NA) USA CQ
00:03Z 1841.4 DK9WI (EU) Germany K4YJ (NA) USA EM88

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