WEB DX Cluster for HAM radio IZ3MEZ-8

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ACCESS FROM INTERNET: telnet cluster.iz3mez.it 8000
ACCESS FROM AMPR NET: telnet dxc.iz3mez.ampr.org 8000 or telnet 8000
IZ3MEZ INTERNET: https://www.iz3mez.it
IZ3MEZ AMPR NET: http://iz3mez.ampr.org

Today spots
DX Cont spots
Date: 23 October 2019 Time: 23:03:35Z (UTC)

Server: dxc.iz3mez.ampr.org | Node: 2 | VPN: Up | CPU: 15% | MEM Free: 89%

Selected HF 17 mt: 18068 KHz – 18168 KHz

22:40Z 18130.0 TI8II (NA) Costa Rica W5GCX (NA) USA pase qsy om
22:36Z 18130.0 VP6R (OC) Pitcairn Islands KB9BVL (NA) USA EM57 up 5 easy
22:35Z 18100.0 5K0K (NA) San Andres and Providencia KE6KJD/ (NA) USA CN74WA<->EK92
22:34Z 18100.0 5K0K (NA) San Andres and Providencia JI1CPN (AS) Japan FT8
22:30Z 18130.0 VP6R (OC) Pitcairn Islands KU4I (NA) USA
22:26Z 18130.0 VP6R (OC) Pitcairn Islands VE1ES (NA) Canada weak on the east coast
22:21Z 18100.0 JA8BNP (AS) Japan 9Z4Y (SA) Trinidad & Tobago FK90 Loud
22:16Z 18100.0 9Z4Y (SA) Trinidad & Tobago CX2019S (SA) Uruguay CQ DX
22:16Z 18100.0 9Z4Y (SA) Trinidad & Tobago CX2019S (SA) Uruguay CQ DX
22:14Z 18100.0 F5MYK/MM (EU) France K1HTV (NA) USA FM18 FT8 EJ58
22:09Z 18101.5 JF1SEK (AS) Japan K4KZY (NA) USA EM73
22:06Z 18100.0 5K0K (NA) San Andres and Providencia 9Z4Y (SA) Trinidad & Tobago FK90 REGULAR FT8
22:06Z 18101.2 5K0K (NA) San Andres and Providencia K4KZY (NA) USA EM73
22:02Z 18130.0 VP6R (OC) Pitcairn Islands N3SL (NA) USA up 5
22:00Z 18130.0 VP6R (OC) Pitcairn Islands JK8VPQ (AS) Japan UP 5
21:56Z 18101.5 FG5FI (NA) Guadeloupe JF1KKV (AS) Japan ft8 cq
21:50Z 18070.6 LU8DZJ (SA) Argentina JK8VPQ (AS) Japan CQ DX
21:17Z 18100.0 5K0K (NA) San Andres and Providencia WV8A (NA) USA EN82 FT8 multi-thread
21:01Z 18095.0 VP6R (OC) Pitcairn Islands JH1HHC (AS) Japan F/H
20:32Z 18095.0 VP6R (OC) Pitcairn Islands NF3R (NA) USA FN20 ft8 f/h
20:25Z 18073.0 5J500L (SA) Colombia HK1N (SA) Colombia up 1 CW
20:12Z 18101.3 5J500LDV (SA) Colombia W2AAS (NA) USA
20:07Z 18075.0 CO6RD (NA) Cuba K0UU (NA) USA EN34 IOTA NA015 Cuba
19:46Z 18104.0 9Z4Y (SA) Trinidad & Tobago N0XMF (NA) USA FT4
19:27Z 18095.0 VP6R (OC) Pitcairn Islands S58T (EU) Slovenia Missed 9 from 10 QSO's
19:24Z 18095.0 VP6R (OC) Pitcairn Islands S58T (EU) Slovenia Logs only partly loaded,
19:18Z 18095.0 VP6R (OC) Pitcairn Islands KE7WB (NA) USA
19:01Z 18100.0 F6HRP (EU) France VA3WV (NA) Canada EN93XP<->IN88 FT8
18:56Z 18100.0 N9AMI (NA) USA VA3WV (NA) Canada EN93XP<->DM19 FT8
18:52Z 18100.0 VE4NW (NA) Canada VA3WV (NA) Canada EN93XP<->DO94 FT8
18:50Z 18095.0 VP6R (OC) Pitcairn Islands EA4DAU (EU) Spain IN70 #298 DXCC for me!
18:49Z 18100.0 UW5EJX/MM (EU) Ukraine VA3WV (NA) Canada EN93XP<->JI61 FT8
18:49Z 18095.0 VP6R (OC) Pitcairn Islands W4PID (NA) USA FT8 F-H Nice sig in NC
18:42Z 18100.0 5K0K (NA) San Andres and Providencia VA3WV (NA) Canada EN93XP<->EK82 FT8
18:40Z 18095.0 VP6R (OC) Pitcairn Islands XE2EX (NA) Mexico DM11 FT8
18:28Z 18095.6 VP6R (OC) Pitcairn Islands N3PKJ (NA) USA FT8 -10
18:17Z 18100.0 5K0K (NA) San Andres and Providencia K8WHA (NA) USA FN20 -05 FT8 SEoutheastern Pa
18:15Z 18079.9 CN8KD (AF) Morocco W3LPL (NA) USA FM19 Heard in NH
18:06Z 18101.2 5K0K (NA) San Andres and Providencia KY6LA (NA) USA DM12 FT8
18:06Z 18140.0 D68CCC (AF) Comoros NY2PO (NA) USA 5-10 up
17:58Z 18100.0 KD2QPU (NA) USA EA1AHA (EU) Spain IN73 IN73BN<->FN20 FT8
17:56Z 18100.0 W4BSS (NA) USA EA1AHA (EU) Spain IN73 IN73BN<->EM84 FT8
17:55Z 18100.0 V31AE (NA) Belize VE3FDZ (NA) Canada FN04 tnxs 73
17:54Z 18100.0 UW5EJX/MM (EU) Ukraine VE3FDZ (NA) Canada FN04 tnx 2bnds now 73
17:49Z 18095.6 VP6R (OC) Pitcairn Islands W7AII (NA) USA DM26 THANKS
17:37Z 18095.0 VP6R (OC) Pitcairn Islands DJ9KG (EU) Germany JO42 Nil, agn 2 late for Central-E
17:36Z 18140.0 D68CCC (AF) Comoros EA8NL (AF) Canary Islands IL28
17:36Z 18100.0 N1AH (NA) USA EA1AHA (EU) Spain IN73 IN73BN<->FN31 FT8
17:36Z 18100.0 K6JDC (NA) USA EA1AHA (EU) Spain IN73 IN73BN<->FM07 FT8
17:34Z 18070.2 YV5DTJ (SA) Venezuela W3LPL (NA) USA FM19 Heard in NC and KS
17:33Z 18100.0 EC1AIJ (EU) Spain EA1AHA (EU) Spain IN73 IN73BN<->IN73 FT8
17:33Z 18140.0 D68CCC (AF) Comoros EA7IZ (EU) Spain IM76 nice , nx
17:31Z 18140.0 D68CCC (AF) Comoros K9EL (NA) USA EN52 QSX 18145
17:28Z 18100.0 VE3MGY (NA) Canada EA1AHA (EU) Spain IN73 IN73BN<->EN92 FT8
17:27Z 18100.7 5K0K (NA) San Andres and Providencia W7AII (NA) USA DM26 THANKS
17:26Z 18070.3 YV5DTJ (SA) Venezuela K8BZ (NA) USA
17:26Z 18095.0 VP6R (OC) Pitcairn Islands W9YSX (NA) USA EM79 FT8 F/H
17:26Z 18140.0 D68CCC (AF) Comoros AJ9C (NA) USA up 5
17:25Z 18100.0 IZ5BYH (EU) Italy EA1AHA (EU) Spain IN73 IN73BN<->JN53 FT8
17:19Z 18140.0 D68CCC (AF) Comoros EA8AM (AF) Canary Islands QSX 18145.87 Tnx for 5/9

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