WEB DX Cluster for HAM radio IZ3MEZ-8

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ACCESS FROM INTERNET: telnet cluster.iz3mez.it 8000
ACCESS FROM AMPR NET: telnet dxc.iz3mez.ampr.org 8000 or telnet 8000
IZ3MEZ INTERNET: https://www.iz3mez.it
IZ3MEZ AMPR NET: http://iz3mez.ampr.org

Today spots
DX Cont spots
Date: 23 October 2019 Time: 23:10:18Z (UTC)

Server: dxc.iz3mez.ampr.org | Node: 2 | VPN: Up | CPU: 12% | MEM Free: 93%

Selected HF 20 mt: 14000 KHz – 14350 KHz

23:08Z 14074.0 BX5AA (AS) Taiwan W9YSX (NA) USA EM79 FT8
23:08Z 14023.2 VP6R (OC) Pitcairn Islands W3LPL (NA) USA FM19 Heard in AB
23:04Z 14240.0 8P6GU (NA) Barbados KD4DRJ (NA) USA
23:01Z 14074.0 JI1ANI (AS) Japan KE6KJD/ (NA) USA CN74WA<->PM95TR
23:00Z 14080.0 JR3NZC (AS) Japan NP4RA (NA) Puerto Rico FK68
23:00Z 14023.0 VP6R (OC) Pitcairn Islands K5GET (NA) USA
22:59Z 14080.0 JA9BFN (AS) Japan NP4RA (NA) Puerto Rico FK68
22:58Z 14023.1 VP6R (OC) Pitcairn Islands YV5EN (SA) Venezuela QSX +2.02
22:58Z 14261.0 HI3T (NA) Dominican Republic HP1RAT (NA) Panama 59
22:58Z 14080.0 JA1XPQ (AS) Japan NP4RA (NA) Puerto Rico FK68
22:57Z 14023.0 VP6R (OC) Pitcairn Islands HK6J (SA) Colombia Tnx 2 UP
22:57Z 14261.0 HI3T (NA) Dominican Republic AE1P (NA) USA FN32 59 in NH
22:55Z 14074.0 JA2LMY (AS) Japan KE6KJD/ (NA) USA CN74WA<->PM94DV
22:55Z 14023.0 VP6R (OC) Pitcairn Islands KE8GX (NA) USA Tnx agn Up 2.1
22:54Z 14023.0 VP6R (OC) Pitcairn Islands K5UZ (NA) USA UP 2 EZ TU!
22:51Z 14257.0 JG1OUT (AS) Japan KU4I (NA) USA
22:51Z 14261.0 HI3T (NA) Dominican Republic W2MJP (NA) USA cq dx
22:51Z 14093.4 5K0K (NA) San Andres and Providencia JR7DXE (AS) Japan RTTY UP
22:50Z 14013.0 9Z4Y (SA) Trinidad & Tobago K5MV (NA) USA
22:50Z 14016.0 T88KY (OC) Palau W7EE (NA) USA DN28 CQ
22:49Z 14013.0 9Y4Z (SA) Trinidad & Tobago NP4RA (NA) Puerto Rico FK68
22:47Z 14074.0 4F3OM (OC) Philippines N4HUF (NA) USA FT8 NEW ONE PHILLIPINES
22:46Z 14023.0 VP6R (OC) Pitcairn Islands WE6Z (NA) USA QSX 14024.50 CW
22:44Z 14013.0 9Z4Y (SA) Trinidad & Tobago W3LPL (NA) USA FM19 Heard in VA and NC
22:43Z 14330.0 KG5ELN (NA) USA KE7TRP (NA) USA DM43 AM mode
22:43Z 14330.0 WA4KCY (NA) USA KE7TRP (NA) USA DM43 AM mode
22:43Z 14261.0 HI3T (NA) Dominican Republic K3AXR (NA) USA FM28
22:43Z 14240.0 VP2MNI (NA) Montserrat KB8YBG (NA) USA 5/9 in Ohio.....tnx Frankie
22:41Z 14261.0 HI3T (NA) Dominican Republic K0HMZ (NA) USA
22:40Z 14094.0 5K0K (NA) San Andres and Providencia PY2VM (SA) Brazil GG66 RTTY UP - TU
22:39Z 14240.0 JE1LET (AS) Japan W4IMD (NA) USA EM84 MASA 73 TNX
22:37Z 14240.0 JE1LET (AS) Japan KB8YBG (NA) USA 5/9 in Ohio.....Good morning
22:36Z 14024.4 VP6R (OC) Pitcairn Islands VE3DZP (NA) Canada
22:36Z 14080.0 JA8LRG (AS) Japan W4IMD (NA) USA EM84
22:34Z 14093.9 5KOK (SA) Colombia K2QB (NA) USA FN03 RTTY QSX UP 2
22:33Z 14080.0 JA1AZR (AS) Japan W4IMD (NA) USA EM84
22:32Z 14015.0 OA4DX (SA) Peru W7EE (NA) USA DN28 CQ DX
22:31Z 14080.0 JH1GJY (AS) Japan W4IMD (NA) USA EM84
22:30Z 14330.0 WD7F (NA) USA KE7TRP (NA) USA DM43 AM mode
22:30Z 14080.0 JL1JVT (AS) Japan W4IMD (NA) USA EM84
22:29Z 14330.0 KN4HH (NA) USA KE7TRP (NA) USA DM43 AM mode
22:28Z 14030.1 VP2MSW (NA) Montserrat W3LPL (NA) USA FM19 Heard in NC and MD
22:27Z 14240.0 8P6GU (NA) Barbados KP4AF (NA) Puerto Rico FK68 Tnx for 59 you59 73 gd dx
22:27Z 14082.0 D68CCC (AF) Comoros IK4QJF (EU) Italy JN54 Ft8 f/h
22:26Z 14080.0 JA2LWA (AS) Japan W4IMD (NA) USA EM84
22:25Z 14257.0 JG1OUT (AS) Japan KD5JRY (NA) USA EM40
22:24Z 14080.0 JE8TGI (AS) Japan W4IMD (NA) USA EM84
22:22Z 14080.0 JA4BUA (AS) Japan W4IMD (NA) USA EM84
22:22Z 14080.7 JA4BUA (AS) Japan K4KZY (NA) USA EM73
22:21Z 14257.0 JG1OUT (AS) Japan K7NLF (NA) USA DM33
22:20Z 14080.6 K4KZY (NA) USA N7IU (NA) USA dont need your log,lid
22:20Z 14081.4 JA3FQO (AS) Japan K4KZY (NA) USA EM73
22:20Z 14080.0 JA3FQO (AS) Japan W4IMD (NA) USA EM84
22:19Z 14235.0 NP4AW (NA) Puerto Rico KB5KYX (NA) USA
22:19Z 14080.6 JR6FRV (AS) Japan K4KZY (NA) USA EM73
22:18Z 14023.0 VP6R (OC) Pitcairn Islands AE1P (NA) USA FN32 up 1.5
22:18Z 14080.6 JA1UTZ (AS) Japan K4KZY (NA) USA EM73
22:18Z 14080.0 JA6VQA (AS) Japan W4IMD (NA) USA EM84
22:17Z 14080.0 JA9BFN (AS) Japan W4IMD (NA) USA EM84
22:17Z 14080.6 JA3FYC (AS) Japan K4KZY (NA) USA EM73

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