WEB DX Cluster for HAM radio IZ3MEZ-8

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ACCESS FROM INTERNET: telnet cluster.iz3mez.it 8000
ACCESS FROM AMPR NET: telnet dxc.iz3mez.ampr.org 8000 or telnet 8000
IZ3MEZ INTERNET: https://www.iz3mez.it
IZ3MEZ AMPR NET: http://iz3mez.ampr.org

Today spots
DX Cont spots
Date: 20 May 2019 Time: 06:29:20Z (UTC)

Server: dxc.iz3mez.ampr.org | Node: 2 | VPN: Up | CPU: 12% | MEM Free: 90%

Selected VHF 6 mt: 50 MHz – 54 MHz

06:29Z 50313.0 SM7MBH (EU) Sweden LZ2CM (EU) Bulgaria -17 0.0 1320 ~ CQ SM7MBH JO
05:54Z 50313.0 IW4AOT (EU) Italy UT4UF (EU) Ukraine FT8 -5 dB CQ
05:37Z 50110.0 F5MYK/MM (EU) France F5MYK (EU) France OL94 CQ fm OL94
05:36Z 50313.0 IW4AOT (EU) Italy R5WM (EU) European Russia KO72 <-> FT8 -12 dB 480 Hz hrd
05:23Z 50037.0 VY0YHK/B (NA) Canada VE6TA (NA) Canada 599 in do33 from ep28
05:00Z 50314.4 W0BL (NA) USA K6RC (NA) USA CM98 K6RC: CM98<->DN60
04:53Z 50314.4 N7BYD (NA) USA K6RC (NA) USA CM98
04:51Z 50313.0 N7BYD (NA) USA NE6I (NA) USA DM12 DM12MR<->DN26WG
04:36Z 50313.0 VA7ST (NA) Canada NE6I (NA) USA DM12 DM12MR<->DO00HB
04:30Z 50313.0 VE7DAY (NA) Canada N6RW (NA) USA DM34
04:29Z 50313.0 KG7CW (NA) USA NE6I (NA) USA DM12 DM12MR<->DN14
04:25Z 50313.0 VE7DAY (NA) Canada NE6I (NA) USA DM12 DM12MR<->CO70
04:24Z 50313.0 KM6JD (NA) USA KE6KJD/ (NA) USA CN74WA<->DM26LD
04:20Z 50314.0 K7BTW (NA) USA KD7WPJ (NA) USA CM97>CN86
04:18Z 50313.0 K5TRA (NA) USA WO7R (NA) USA DM32 DM32LL<->EM10 worked
04:17Z 50313.0 NE5U (NA) USA WO7R (NA) USA DM32 DM32LL<->EL19 heard
04:17Z 50313.0 KB7N (NA) USA WO7R (NA) USA DM32 DM32LL<->CN97 worked
04:13Z 50313.0 VA7ST (NA) Canada KD7WPJ (NA) USA CM97>DO00
04:11Z 50313.0 AC7NU (NA) USA N6RW (NA) USA DM34
04:11Z 50313.0 N6RW (NA) USA KE6KJD/ (NA) USA CN74WA<->DM34SO
04:11Z 50313.0 K7BTW (NA) USA N6RW (NA) USA DM34
04:10Z 50313.0 KE6KJD/7 (NA) USA N6RW (NA) USA DM34
04:10Z 50080.0 K6FRC/B (NA) USA KB7WOX (NA) USA 559
04:09Z 50313.0 VE7IVN (NA) Canada XE2CQ (NA) Mexico DM12ML<->CO60EU CQing FT8
04:09Z 50125.0 KJ6HI (NA) USA VA6WA (NA) Canada DO32<->DM03UW 58 in do32
04:08Z 50002.3 JA6ETI (AS) Japan VK6KXW (OC) Australia OF87 FT8
04:07Z 50069.0 K6FV/B (NA) USA KB7WOX (NA) USA 559
04:07Z 50313.0 KD7HB (NA) USA N6RW (NA) USA DM34 TNX
04:06Z 50313.0 W7OK (NA) USA WO7R (NA) USA DM32 DM32LL<->CN86 heard
04:05Z 50313.0 NE5U (NA) USA WO7R (NA) USA DM32 DM32LL<->EL19 working
04:03Z 50313.0 VA7ST (NA) Canada K6PO (NA) USA FT8 DM12<->DO00
04:01Z 50135.0 AF7VC (NA) USA WA7XX (NA) USA DM42JH<->CN85
04:01Z 50135.0 W6FM (NA) USA KH6VM (OC) Hawaii cm95 cn87 Mahalo Ron
03:59Z 50130.0 K7YDL (NA) USA K1NV (NA) USA DM26<->CN85
03:53Z 50471.0 OZ7IGY/B (EU) Denmark DL8BDU (EU) Germany JO43AA<->JO55WM 419
03:49Z 50313.0 KM0T (NA) USA WO7R (NA) USA DM32 DM32LL<->EN13 worked
03:46Z 50130.0 K7YDL (NA) USA WA7XX (NA) USA DM42JH<->CN85
03:43Z 50125.0 KA5YEU (NA) USA AJ6T (NA) USA EM64 EM64PR<->EL07WR Some SSB act
03:39Z 50130.0 K7SUN (NA) USA W0WOW (NA) USA
03:39Z 50135.0 W7YOZ (NA) USA K1NV (NA) USA DM26<->CN87
03:38Z 50125.0 KH6VM (OC) Hawaii K1NV (NA) USA DM26<->CN87
03:37Z 50313.0 K6RLQ (NA) USA W4IMD (NA) USA EM84 LLOYD TNX 73
03:35Z 50135.0 K7SUN (NA) USA W0WOW (NA) USA
03:35Z 50077.4 N0LL/B (NA) USA K7XC (NA) USA DM09 DM09 - EM09
03:34Z 50313.0 N7DPX (NA) USA WO7R (NA) USA DM32 DM32LL<->DM54 heard
03:34Z 50313.0 WV9L (NA) USA WO7R (NA) USA DM32 DM32LL<->EM59 worked
03:34Z 50067.8 K0EC/B (NA) USA K7XC (NA) USA DM09 DM09 - DM78
03:33Z 50125.0 K1NV (NA) USA KH6VM (OC) Hawaii dm26 cn87 Open NW to NV
03:32Z 50313.0 W6QUV (NA) USA W4IMD (NA) USA EM84 MIKE TNX 73
03:30Z 50066.2 W5GPM/B (NA) USA K7XC (NA) USA DM09 DM09 - EM26
03:30Z 50125.0 KA5YEU (NA) USA WB7PMP (NA) USA EM95PU<->EL07 human to human
03:30Z 50313.0 KJ4ZDB (NA) USA W4IMD (NA) USA EM84 TOM TNX 73
03:29Z 50067.7 K0EC/B (NA) USA KV5W (NA) USA EM22 strong
03:29Z 50314.2 KS4YT (NA) USA K5ND (NA) USA
03:29Z 50313.0 K7CA (NA) USA KE6KJD/ (NA) USA CN74WA<->DM26KC
03:28Z 50314.3 WA5DJJ (NA) USA W7MEM (NA) USA DN17MR<->DM62 FT8 Sent: 01
03:28Z 50314.9 AH0U (OC) Mariana Islands KG0AQ (NA) USA FT8 Sent: -06 Rcvd: -07
03:27Z 50313.0 K7ULS (NA) USA W4IMD (NA) USA EM84 MIKE TNX 73
03:26Z 50135.0 N7WT (NA) USA W0WOW (NA) USA 57
03:26Z 50313.0 N6MW (NA) USA VA6ZO (NA) Canada tnx qso

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