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Today spots
DX Cont spots
Date: 10 December 2019 Time: 03:03:55Z (UTC)

Server: dxc.iz3mez.ampr.org | Node: 2 | VPN: Up | CPU: 32% | MEM Free: 85%

Selected All HAM band and mode / All IARU regions / LF MF HF VHF UHF SHF EHF

03:02Z 7074.0 P41E (SA) Aruba N2JF (NA) USA EL96
03:01Z 7026.4 I1MMR (EU) Italy K0AL (NA) USA FB sigs into SW FL
03:01Z 3565.0 T6AA (AS) Afghanistan N3SL (NA) USA FT8 F/H
03:00Z 1810.5 CE0X/LU2JCW (SA) San Felix & San Ambrosio JA4RRF (AS) Japan San Felix - Gud cw op
03:00Z 3565.0 T6AA (AS) Afghanistan F5POE (EU) France JN18 F/H
02:59Z 1841.5 OE4KSF (EU) Austria K7VIC (NA) USA
02:59Z 1844.3 TO9W (EU) Italy W9II (NA) USA EN52 FT8 Sent: -19 Rcvd: -14
02:56Z 1844.0 TO9W (EU) Italy F5POE (EU) France JN18 FT8 F/H
02:56Z 3573.0 IZ8PPJ (EU) Italy 9A2AJ (EU) Croatia FT-8, QSY,NOT IN LOG...
02:55Z 3791.0 E77A (EU) Bosnia & Herzegovina N1DRS (NA) USA FN42 Calling CQ
02:55Z 3573.0 A45XR (AS) Oman N3SL (NA) USA FT8
02:55Z 7074.0 DL5ZBA (EU) Germany PY2ANH (SA) Brazil FT8 -12dB from JO40 797Hz
02:53Z 1841.5 RV3FT (EU) European Russia K7VIC (NA) USA
02:53Z 10136.0 LU2FE (SA) Argentina LU4FPZ (SA) Argentina FT8
02:50Z 1829.5 RX3APM (EU) European Russia W5JMW (NA) USA EM23 sergey
02:49Z 7074.0 I1RJP (EU) Italy N3COB (NA) USA
02:48Z 1841.7 W4DR (NA) USA NP2Q (NA) US Virgin Islands
02:48Z 1844.0 TO9W (AF) Madeira Islands K9EL (NA) USA EN52 F/H
02:45Z 7074.6 CT3MD (AF) Madeira Islands PY4EP (SA) Brazil tnx dr OM GLDX 73s
02:45Z 1841.7 FG4ST (NA) Guadeloupe NP2Q (NA) US Virgin Islands
02:44Z 474.2 KM5SW (NA) USA WB4JWM (NA) USA JT9 tnx for QSO
02:44Z 7014.0 RU0SYL (AS) Asiatic Russia RK6BH (EU) European Russia TNX FOR FB QSO
02:43Z 1840.0 TO9W (AF) Mauritania OH4SS (EU) Finland KP21 FT8
02:43Z 5357.0 5T5PA (AF) Mauritania CX4AD (SA) Uruguay FT8 CQ
02:43Z 144123.0 AI1K (NA) USA KU8Y (NA) USA EN61UW>DM34RS EME
02:42Z 144123.0 VP8EME (SA) Falkland Islands KU8Y (NA) USA EN61UW>GD18BH EME
02:42Z 10110.9 KP4TF (NA) Puerto Rico W3LPL (NA) USA FM19 Heard in MA
02:41Z 3907.0 W3SPC (NA) USA K4WP (NA) USA EM92 K-2902 POTA
02:41Z 1825.0 HH2AA (NA) Haiti W3LPL (NA) USA FM19 Heard in NH and PA
02:41Z 7075.8 L50JT (SA) Argentina PY4EP (SA) Brazil tnx dr OM GLDX 73s
02:41Z 3565.0 T6AA (AS) Afghanistan W2OR (NA) USA FT8 FOX. 17 STNS CALLING.
02:40Z 3565.0 T6AA (AS) Afghanistan R4HM (EU) European Russia -3 FH
02:39Z 3565.0 T6AA (AS) Afghanistan UA9YE (AS) Asiatic Russia NO13 cqing FH
02:39Z 1841.7 K8JH (NA) USA NP2Q (NA) US Virgin Islands
02:38Z 3791.0 E77A (EU) Bosnia & Herzegovina N0IRM (NA) USA 55 Sig in SW MO-CQ
02:36Z 144174.0 PY2OAL (SA) Brazil PT9IR (SA) Brazil FT8 B+2 TNX GG29RN TR GG56CX
02:36Z 1841.5 RC5F (EU) European Russia K7VIC (NA) USA
02:36Z 1830.0 OY1R (EU) Faroes Islands W3LPL (NA) USA FM19 Heard in NH
02:35Z 7074.0 AC9E (NA) USA KA8TBW (NA) USA EN61 FT8
02:32Z 3791.0 E77A (EU) Bosnia & Herzegovina KE9L (NA) USA
02:31Z 1844.0 T6AA (AS) Afghanistan DE1AF (EU) Germany get RX/RX ANT besides PA ;)
02:30Z 1841.5 R8CA (AS) Asiatic Russia K7VIC (NA) USA
02:30Z 1844.0 DE1AF (EU) Germany T6AA (AS) Afghanistan build antenna and you will ma
02:29Z 3565.0 T6AA (AS) Afghanistan T6AA (AS) Afghanistan f/h tx 1K+
02:26Z 1844.0 T6AA (AS) Afghanistan IF9ZWA (EU) Sicily Islands no answer :-(
02:25Z 474.2 K7PO (NA) USA WB4JWM (NA) USA JT9 tnx for QSO
02:24Z 3517.4 G3RWF (EU) England RK6BH (EU) European Russia tnx QSO OP.NICK
02:24Z 1844.0 T6AA (AS) Afghanistan DE1AF (EU) Germany pointless. deaf as usual!
02:23Z 1841.5 UA1OMS (EU) European Russia K7VIC (NA) USA
02:23Z 1844.0 T6AA (AS) Afghanistan DL7VEE (EU) Germany JO62 F/H 500 Hz at his SR
02:21Z 1831.5 RA4LW (EU) European Russia VE3VN (NA) Canada FN25
02:20Z 1841.1 LY7Z (EU) Lithuania K7VIC (NA) USA
02:18Z 14074.0 CE3JBD (SA) Chile W4IMD (NA) USA EM84
02:18Z 5357.0 5T5PA (AF) Mauritania LB1HI (EU) Norway JO59 CQ 598 Hz
02:17Z 7170.0 K1RX (NA) USA W3WW (NA) USA EL97
02:17Z 3519.0 RX6LG (EU) European Russia RK6BH (EU) European Russia
02:16Z 14074.0 4S7VG (AS) Sri Lanka ZL2IFB (OC) New Zealand RF80 FT8
02:15Z 7237.0 KE6TUH (NA) USA KB8YBG (NA) USA Ohio and California calling C
02:15Z 1824.5 SM5EDX (EU) Sweden KA6BIM (NA) USA CN73

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