WEB DX Cluster for HAM radio IZ3MEZ-8

For non-registered users only enabled RX Spot. For registered users enable all features.
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ACCESS FROM INTERNET: telnet cluster.iz3mez.it 8000
ACCESS FROM AMPR NET: telnet dxc.iz3mez.ampr.org 8000 or telnet 8000
IZ3MEZ INTERNET: https://www.iz3mez.it
IZ3MEZ AMPR NET: http://iz3mez.ampr.org

Today spots
DX Cont spots
Date: 26 June 2019 Time: 06:10:10Z (UTC)

Server: dxc.iz3mez.ampr.org | Node: 2 | VPN: Up | CPU: 7% | MEM Free: 90%

Selected HF 10 mt: 28000 KHz – 29700 KHz

04:49Z 28490.0 VK7OT (OC) Australia VK4NWH (OC) Australia QG62
02:36Z 28405.0 WT8OM (NA) USA N0RZ (NA) USA Tom
02:28Z 28410.0 KM6TS (NA) USA KH6VM (OC) Hawaii dm04 cn87 Mahalo Paul!
02:15Z 28410.0 KM6TS (NA) USA W7YZP (NA) USA 57 into Portland OR
02:15Z 28074.0 XE2SCF (NA) Mexico W6NIF (NA) USA Tnx for FT8 here on 10M
02:13Z 28074.9 XE2SCF (NA) Mexico N6YJ (NA) USA
02:06Z 28074.0 KS4V (NA) USA WR7X (NA) USA DN14CS<->EM57QA FT8
02:04Z 28425.0 KC4TVZ (NA) USA KD2KVZ (NA) USA
01:56Z 28405.0 K7RNO (NA) USA W6TDX (NA) USA CN84<->CM09
01:54Z 28290.0 N6UN/B (NA) USA W7DXW (NA) USA DM42MG<->DM12JU hd in Tucson
01:53Z 28300.0 K6FRC/B (NA) USA W7DXW (NA) USA DM42MG<->CM97HP
01:35Z 28405.0 NA7AZ (NA) USA KG5BTZ (NA) USA EM20<->DN20DD
01:20Z 28075.0 VA3JXP (NA) Canada N5BMD (NA) USA FT8
01:17Z 28075.0 W3XOX (NA) USA N5BMD (NA) USA FT8
01:10Z 28076.0 W9AFB (NA) USA N5BMD (NA) USA FT8 +04 dB
01:04Z 28076.0 CM2RSV (NA) Cuba N5BMD (NA) USA FT8 +13dB
01:04Z 28074.0 W4QP (NA) USA WR7X (NA) USA DN14CS<->EM64RO FT8
01:04Z 28074.0 N4DJT (NA) USA WR7X (NA) USA DN14CS<->EM65NS FT8
00:54Z 28400.0 NL7GW (NA) Alaska W7TX (NA) USA DN32 USB
00:53Z 28270.0 VK4RTL/B (OC) Australia VK4LAT (OC) Australia 539
00:28Z 28400.0 VE3RFA (NA) Canada K4VL (NA) USA
00:18Z 28400.0 WA6YOC (NA) USA KI5BZJ (NA) USA DM54TO<->CM88QC Great QSO Dave

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