WEB DX Cluster for HAM radio IZ3MEZ-8

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ACCESS FROM INTERNET: telnet cluster.iz3mez.it 8000
ACCESS FROM AMPR NET: telnet dxc.iz3mez.ampr.org 8000 or telnet 8000
IZ3MEZ INTERNET: https://www.iz3mez.it
IZ3MEZ AMPR NET: http://iz3mez.ampr.org

Today spots
DX Cont spots
Date: 17 February 2019 Time: 20:10:27Z (UTC)

Server: dxc.iz3mez.ampr.org | Node: 2 | VPN: Up | CPU: 9% | MEM Free: 89%

Selected HF 10 mt: 28000 KHz – 29700 KHz

20:09Z 28022.4 PY2EX (SA) Brazil K6PO (NA) USA CW
20:07Z 28022.0 V3T (NA) Belize N6GQ (NA) USA LOUD in TX
20:04Z 28074.0 PU1MIL (SA) Brazil KC4AAW (NA) USA EM85SHGG77VL FT8 Tnx73
20:01Z 28023.0 K5BG (NA) USA PY5ZW (SA) Brazil Tnx ARRL
19:59Z 28012.4 PS2T (SA) Brazil K2AL (NA) USA CW
19:59Z 28415.0 PY2JY (SA) Brazil KA5TCF (NA) USA EM12 5/9 Dallas
19:58Z 28028.0 TI7W (NA) Costa Rica K5BG (NA) USA EM12 CW
19:57Z 28012.6 PS2T (SA) Brazil NF3R (NA) USA FN20
19:51Z 28074.0 PU7EJP (SA) Brazil WP4PRD (NA) Puerto Rico ft-8
19:50Z 28440.0 PY2TMV (SA) Brazil VA2RF (NA) Canada
19:49Z 28424.0 PY2PT (SA) Brazil VA2RF (NA) Canada
19:46Z 28424.0 PY2PT (SA) Brazil KA5TCF (NA) USA EM12 5/9 in Dallas TX
19:46Z 28036.8 HI3/WJ2O (NA) Dominican Republic PY1ZV (SA) Brazil GG87 CW
19:45Z 28413.0 PU2NJO (SA) Brazil PU8RJI (SA) Brazil GI84 CQ FAROL
19:45Z 28015.2 V26M (NA) Antigua & Barbuda PY1ZV (SA) Brazil GG87 CW
19:44Z 28415.0 PU8MGB (SA) Brazil PY2JY (SA) Brazil obgado amigo
19:44Z 28415.0 PY2JY (SA) Brazil PU8RJI (SA) Brazil GI84 CQ 10 (PU8MGB)
19:42Z 28413.0 PU2NJO/LH (SA) Brazil PY2CAT (SA) Brazil GG66 LIGHTHOUSE BRA 290
19:42Z 28031.0 K6NA (NA) USA PY1ZV (SA) Brazil GG87 CW
19:42Z 28074.0 ZZ2WAS (SA) Brazil PY2DN (SA) Brazil GG66 FT8 FAROL BRA 284 DFB SP-
19:41Z 28025.1 VP5K (NA) Turks & Caicos Islands PY1ZV (SA) Brazil GG87 CW
19:40Z 28012.6 PS2T (SA) Brazil N5CM (NA) USA contest
19:40Z 28012.6 PS2T (SA) Brazil PY1ZV (SA) Brazil GG87 CW
19:39Z 28435.0 PY2AA (SA) Brazil PU2XMY (SA) Brazil COMEMORATIVO AOS 85 ANOS DA L
19:39Z 28430.0 PY2TMV (SA) Brazil PU8RJI (SA) Brazil GI84 CQ 10
19:38Z 28010.9 6Y3M (NA) Jamaica K6AM (NA) USA
19:37Z 28026.0 CE2ML (SA) Chile N5CM (NA) USA CONTEST
19:36Z 28420.0 PU1JSV (SA) Brazil PU8RJI (SA) Brazil GI84 CQ DX
19:36Z 28017.9 PY1ZV (SA) Brazil W0VX (NA) USA
19:35Z 28510.0 EA8CVZ (AF) Canary Islands PY2WLM (SA) Brazil cq dx
19:34Z 28027.0 N2OO (NA) USA K2AX (NA) USA FM29
19:34Z 28074.0 PY2EBD (SA) Brazil WP4PRD (NA) Puerto Rico ft-8
19:34Z 28025.6 N2MM (NA) USA K2AX (NA) USA FM29
19:32Z 28029.0 OA4SS (SA) Peru N2OO (NA) USA FM29 CW
19:31Z 28404.9 PU1VIP (SA) Brazil PY1IR (SA) Brazil USB
19:30Z 28510.0 EA8CVZ (AF) Canary Islands EA8CQS (AF) Canary Islands CQ CQ DX....
19:30Z 28424.0 PY2PT (SA) Brazil PU8RJI (SA) Brazil GI84 CQ 10 METROS
19:27Z 28440.0 PY2KP (SA) Brazil PU2OXU (SA) Brazil 73/51
19:26Z 28440.0 PY2KP (SA) Brazil PU2XYT (SA) Brazil
19:25Z 28029.0 OA4SS (SA) Peru K2AX (NA) USA FM29
19:25Z 28500.0 PU2UHO (SA) Brazil PU8RJI (SA) Brazil GI84 CQ DX (PU8MGB)
19:25Z 28074.0 LU7EXX (SA) Argentina WP4PRD (NA) Puerto Rico ft-8
19:24Z 28450.0 ZW7O (SA) Brazil PU2RDB (SA) Brazil GG66 73 my friend BRA 068
19:24Z 28440.0 PR7PSA (SA) Brazil PU2XYT (SA) Brazil
19:24Z 28420.0 PU8MRB (SA) Brazil PY2WLM (SA) Brazil CQ CQ DX
19:24Z 28012.4 PS2T (SA) Brazil K5TR (NA) USA EM00
19:23Z 28007.8 HQ9X (NA) Honduras N5CM (NA) USA contest. gud sigs
19:22Z 28007.8 HQ9X (NA) Honduras K6AM (NA) USA
19:21Z 28028.9 OA4SS (SA) Peru AJ9C (NA) USA
19:21Z 28026.0 CE2ML (SA) Chile AJ9C (NA) USA
19:21Z 28440.0 PU7ABC (SA) Brazil PU2XYT (SA) Brazil 73s FABIANO
19:20Z 28022.0 V3T (NA) Belize AA5AU (NA) USA EM50
19:20Z 28420.0 PY2WLM (SA) Brazil PU8RJI (SA) Brazil GI84 CQ DX - 73! WILLIAM (PU8MGB)
19:20Z 28011.4 HQ9X (NA) Honduras K5TR (NA) USA EM00
19:19Z 28000.1 W9PA (NA) USA K8AZ (NA) USA Test Only
19:19Z 28074.0 PU2NJO/LH (SA) Brazil PY2CAT (SA) Brazil GG66 LIGHTHOUSE - BRA 290
19:18Z 28400.0 LU2KA (SA) Argentina PU1TWF (SA) Brazil GG87FT<->FG73IF
19:18Z 28074.0 PP8FA (SA) Brazil WP4PRD (NA) Puerto Rico ft-8
19:17Z 28435.0 PY2AA (SA) Brazil PU8RJI (SA) Brazil GI84 CQ DX 85 ANOS DA LABRE
19:17Z 28011.4 HQ9X (NA) Honduras K6AM (NA) USA

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