WEB DX Cluster for HAM radio IZ3MEZ-8

For non-registered users only enabled RX Spot. For registered users enable all features.
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ACCESS FROM INTERNET: telnet cluster.iz3mez.it 8000
ACCESS FROM AMPR NET: telnet dxc.iz3mez.ampr.org 8000 or telnet 8000
IZ3MEZ INTERNET: https://www.iz3mez.it
IZ3MEZ AMPR NET: http://iz3mez.ampr.org

Today spots
DX Cont spots
Date: 17 February 2019 Time: 20:32:37Z (UTC)

Server: dxc.iz3mez.ampr.org | Node: 2 | VPN: Up | CPU: 6% | MEM Free: 87%

Selected HF 15 mt: 21000 KHz – 21450 KHz

20:32Z 21075.6 WB5ZGA (NA) USA PU2TES (SA) Brazil GG67 TNX, FT8, 73
20:31Z 21074.0 C5YK (AF) The Gambia K7QDX (NA) USA DM34 Thanks 4 Nu Band - FT8
20:31Z 21023.4 LU4XAP (SA) Argentina WA3EKL (NA) USA CW
20:29Z 21037.2 YW6CQ (SA) Venezuela WA3EKL (NA) USA CW
20:29Z 21037.5 VP2MSS (NA) Montserrat NM9P (NA) USA EM69
20:28Z 21018.0 RI1ANL (SA) Antarctica K2KA (NA) USA FN42 CQ Test TU new one
20:28Z 21049.8 FY5FY (SA) French Guiana W1SRD (NA) USA
20:28Z 21032.4 P40L (SA) Aruba KE3GK (NA) USA
20:27Z 21042.3 W6YX (NA) USA KL7RA (NA) Alaska
20:27Z 21012.0 PU2UJG (SA) Brazil K5LJ (NA) USA
20:26Z 21039.5 NP4Z (NA) Puerto Rico KL7RA (NA) Alaska
20:25Z 21036.8 KH6LC (OC) Hawaii KL7RA (NA) Alaska
20:25Z 21035.7 PJ6A (NA) Saba & St. Eustatius WW9L (NA) USA
20:24Z 21033.3 V26M (NA) Antigua & Barbuda KL7RA (NA) Alaska
20:24Z 21033.4 V26M (NA) Antigua & Barbuda WW9L (NA) USA
20:23Z 21074.0 N1NZL (NA) USA PY5OD (SA) Brazil FT8 73 thanks
20:22Z 21035.1 FM/DK9PY (NA) Martinique WA3EKL (NA) USA CW
20:22Z 21074.8 KW2AIR (NA) USA PU2TES (SA) Brazil GG67 TNX, FT8, 73
20:21Z 21018.0 RI1ANL (SA) Antarctica K5LJ (NA) USA
20:21Z 21055.0 YS1/AA4NC (NA) El Salvador NM9P (NA) USA EM69
20:20Z 21032.4 P40L (SA) Aruba WA8ZBT (NA) USA
20:19Z 21030.4 P40L (SA) Aruba AD8J (NA) USA
20:19Z 21000.7 HK1X (SA) Colombia K5LJ (NA) USA
20:18Z 21032.3 P40L (SA) Aruba KL7RA (NA) Alaska ARRL CW DX
20:18Z 21055.0 YS1/AA4NC (NA) El Salvador AE9LL (NA) USA
20:18Z 21074.8 N1NZL (NA) USA PU2TES (SA) Brazil GG67 TNX, FT8, 73
20:18Z 21024.2 PT9DX (SA) Brazil AC5K (NA) USA
20:18Z 21019.0 PY2XV (SA) Brazil AD8J (NA) USA
20:18Z 21037.4 VP2MSS (NA) Montserrat WA8ZBT (NA) USA
20:17Z 21005.4 HQ9X (NA) Honduras N0CDA (NA) USA DM78 CW
20:16Z 21007.5 P40E (SA) Aruba WA3EKL (NA) USA CW
20:15Z 21011.0 6Y3M (NA) Jamaica KL7RA (NA) Alaska
20:14Z 21285.0 PY2JY (SA) Brazil CE2RZJ (SA) Chile tnx Fernando
20:14Z 21075.0 OA4/XQ3SA (SA) Peru PU2TES (SA) Brazil GG67 TNX, FT8, 73
20:13Z 21033.5 V26M (NA) Antigua & Barbuda AD8J (NA) USA
20:13Z 21023.0 CB3R (SA) Chile NJ6G (NA) USA CW
20:13Z 21012.0 PU2UJG (SA) Brazil AC5K (NA) USA
20:13Z 21000.5 HK1X (SA) Colombia K1TTT (NA) USA CW
20:11Z 21022.6 P40W (SA) Aruba N2SO (NA) USA CW
20:10Z 21053.8 PY2XC (SA) Brazil KL7RA (NA) Alaska ARRL DX CW
20:10Z 21038.0 PJ2T (SA) Curacao K5TR (NA) USA EM00
20:09Z 21018.5 VE3VSM/HR9 (NA) Canada AC5K (NA) USA
20:09Z 21018.0 RI1ANL (SA) Antarctica K3WJV (NA) USA FN12
20:09Z 21025.6 PJ2T (SA) Curacao N2SO (NA) USA CW
20:09Z 21074.8 W3GLH (NA) USA PU2TES (SA) Brazil GG67 TNX, FT8, 73
20:07Z 21028.9 HK3TU (SA) Colombia AD8J (NA) USA
20:07Z 21055.0 YS1/AA4NC (NA) El Salvador WW9L (NA) USA
20:07Z 21023.0 CB3R (SA) Chile AD8J (NA) USA
20:06Z 21027.9 LW8DQ (SA) Argentina N2SO (NA) USA CW
20:06Z 21020.8 TO8T (NA) USA KD8FS (NA) USA
20:05Z 21007.4 P40E (SA) Aruba W6OAT (NA) USA
20:05Z 21075.1 N8OYY (NA) USA PU2TES (SA) Brazil GG67 TNX, FT8, 73
20:05Z 21032.3 P40L (SA) Aruba N2SO (NA) USA CW
20:05Z 21020.8 TO8T (EU) Montenegro N6JV (NA) USA CW
20:04Z 21033.0 TI7W (NA) Costa Rica N2SO (NA) USA CW
20:03Z 21017.0 PR2E (SA) Brazil AD8J (NA) USA
20:02Z 21048.8 FY5FY (SA) French Guiana AC5K (NA) USA
20:02Z 21075.1 N8KYX (NA) USA PU2TES (SA) Brazil GG67 TNX, FT8, 73
20:02Z 21025.9 PJ2T (SA) Curacao W3FIZ (NA) USA CW
20:00Z 21035.2 FM/DK9PY (NA) Martinique W4EE (NA) USA

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