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Today spots
DX Cont spots
Date: 17 February 2019 Time: 19:46:52Z (UTC)

Server: dxc.iz3mez.ampr.org | Node: 2 | VPN: Up | CPU: 10% | MEM Free: 90%

Selected MF 160 mt: 1810 KHz – 2000 KHz

19:45Z 1908.0 XX9D (AS) Macau SP3RBG (EU) Poland JO72 CQ RX 1908
19:44Z 1840.0 XX9D (AS) Macau XX9D (AS) Macau OL62 eu eu eu please
19:43Z 1815.0 XX9D (AS) Macau IZ8FFA (EU) Italy JM78 now for JA lsn 1908
19:42Z 1815.0 XX9D (AS) Macau JA9AVA (AS) Japan PM86 FT8 CQ 1908
19:41Z 1855.0 YL2GB (EU) Latvia R6A (EU) European Russia
19:41Z 1840.0 G0BNR (EU) England JA4LXY (AS) Japan Good condx today
19:39Z 1815.0 XX9D (AS) Macau JH1RES (AS) Japan bothered by artificial noise?
19:33Z 1815.0 PA0ZH (EU) Netherlands DL1RWN (EU) Germany JO64 FT8 XX9D LSN 1840!!!
19:17Z 1840.0 XX9D (AS) Macau SV8BHN (EU) Greece Pse EU -18
19:16Z 1840.0 XX9D (AS) Macau JH1RES (AS) Japan Many EUs Calling you
19:16Z 1815.5 XX9D (AS) Macau DL1RWN (EU) Germany JO64 FT8 -12 LSN 1840!!
19:15Z 1815.0 DJ9FK (EU) Germany DL5XU (EU) Germany übersteuert up 1840!
19:14Z 1840.0 XX9D (AS) Macau SV8BHN (EU) Greece PSE EU
19:12Z 1840.0 XX9D (AS) Macau XX9D (AS) Macau OL62 Listen EUROPE
19:02Z 1815.0 XX9D (AS) Macau JA1JRK (AS) Japan +00 pse qsx 1908
19:01Z 1815.0 XX9D (AS) Macau JA4LXY (AS) Japan JA FT8 Frq 1908 ,PSE QSX
19:00Z 1829.0 R30AFC (EU) European Russia RW1CW (EU) European Russia
18:53Z 1815.0 XX9D (AS) Macau XX9D (AS) Macau OL62 FT8 QSX 1840
18:52Z 1823.0 SV9MBH (EU) Crete SV9MBH (EU) Crete cq cw
18:48Z 1848.0 IQ0QZ (EU) Italy IZ0BNQ (EU) Italy Sez ari
18:37Z 1823.0 SV9MBH (EU) Crete IK1UGX (EU) Italy JN34
18:32Z 1840.4 EI4DQ (EU) Ireland R6JY (EU) European Russia FT8
18:31Z 1823.5 XX9D (AS) Macau UT3QU (EU) Ukraine cq cq up
18:21Z 1800.0 RU6L (EU) European Russia XX9D (AS) Macau OL62 ne pizdi !
18:19Z 1823.0 SV9MBH (EU) Crete SV9MBH (EU) Crete CQ CW DX160m
18:15Z 1840.0 OE6MDF (EU) Austria JA1KAW (AS) Japan cq ja -10db
18:11Z 1800.0 XX9D (AS) Macau RU6L (EU) European Russia CQ CQ up 449 here
18:10Z 1800.0 XX9D (AS) Macau DL2HWA (EU) Germany weak , long QSB
18:09Z 1908.0 JA8WKE (AS) Japan OE6MDF (EU) Austria JN77 CQ 840 strong, lonely
18:06Z 1840.0 EC6AAE (EU) Balearic Islands JA1KAW (AS) Japan -10db call zl
18:04Z 1840.0 ZL4AS (OC) New Zealand F6GCP (EU) France JN18 73 thanks
17:57Z 1840.0 F6GCP (EU) France JA1KAW (AS) Japan -13db cq hrd
17:48Z 1840.0 SP7SP (EU) Poland IZ4GWE (EU) Italy JN64 FT CQ on ZL...
17:45Z 1840.0 ZL4AS (OC) New Zealand SP3CUG (EU) Poland ft8
17:39Z 1840.0 F5BZB (EU) France JA1KAW (AS) Japan -15db wk with zl
17:38Z 1840.0 ZL3RJ (OC) New Zealand ON8DM (EU) Belgium
17:37Z 1840.0 ZL4AS (OC) New Zealand ON8DM (EU) Belgium
17:36Z 1840.0 ZL1AIX (OC) New Zealand ON8DM (EU) Belgium
17:34Z 1840.0 OE2KHM (EU) Austria JA1KAW (AS) Japan -10db hrd
17:30Z 1840.0 ZL4AS (OC) New Zealand SP3RBG (EU) Poland JO72 TNX FT8 73
17:28Z 1840.0 SP3RBG (EU) Poland JA1KAW (AS) Japan -12db cq
17:27Z 1841.2 IK4RQJ (EU) Italy RW9WT (AS) Asiatic Russia LO64 FT8
17:26Z 1823.5 XX9D (AS) Macau G3PQA (EU) England CQ
17:26Z 1840.0 DL7CX (EU) Germany JA1KAW (AS) Japan -15db cq
17:25Z 1840.0 SP3QDM (EU) Poland JA1KAW (AS) Japan -15db hrd
17:24Z 1840.0 ZL1AIX (OC) New Zealand SP3RBG (EU) Poland JO72 TNX 73
17:24Z 1840.0 ZL1AIX (OC) New Zealand SV3FUP (EU) Greece ft8 tnx
17:23Z 1840.0 IK4RQJ (EU) Italy JA1KAW (AS) Japan -15db cq
17:22Z 1840.0 OE88WAP (EU) Austria JA1KAW (AS) Japan -14db hrd
17:21Z 1840.0 SV9CVY (EU) Crete JA1KAW (AS) Japan -15db hrd
17:21Z 1840.0 SV1FJA (EU) Greece JA1KAW (AS) Japan -5db fb hrd
17:20Z 1840.0 ZL1AIX (OC) New Zealand IK8GYS (EU) Italy
17:11Z 1840.5 ZL1AIX (OC) New Zealand IZ8VYU (EU) Italy JN71 FT8
17:09Z 1840.0 OE88WAP (EU) Austria EA3NP (EU) Spain JN11 ft8 wap-088
16:56Z 1841.0 R120MG (EU) European Russia RW9WT (AS) Asiatic Russia LO64 FT8
16:54Z 1841.0 R120MG (EU) European Russia RA6CF (EU) European Russia tnx QSO
16:47Z 1842.3 SV1FJA (EU) Greece RW9WT (AS) Asiatic Russia LO64 FT8
16:44Z 1841.1 UA0BA (AS) Asiatic Russia RW9WT (AS) Asiatic Russia LO64 FT8
16:39Z 1842.4 IZ8VYU (EU) Italy IZ0AXF (EU) Italy JN61 FT8
16:36Z 1842.2 UA1OIW (EU) European Russia IZ0AXF (EU) Italy JN61 FT8

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