WEB DX Cluster for HAM radio IZ3MEZ-8

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ACCESS FROM INTERNET: telnet cluster.iz3mez.it 8000
ACCESS FROM AMPR NET: telnet dxc.iz3mez.ampr.org 8000 or telnet 8000
IZ3MEZ INTERNET: https://www.iz3mez.it
IZ3MEZ AMPR NET: http://iz3mez.ampr.org

Today spots
DX Cont spots
Date: 17 February 2019 Time: 21:06:34Z (UTC)

Server: dxc.iz3mez.ampr.org | Node: 2 | VPN: Up | CPU: 6% | MEM Free: 88%

Selected HF 20 mt: 14000 KHz – 14350 KHz

21:06Z 14040.1 HC1DW (SA) Ecuador K2QPN (NA) USA CW
21:06Z 14033.4 C6AGU (NA) Bahamas AB2E (NA) USA CW
21:06Z 14061.7 AH2R (OC) Guam K0EA (NA) USA
21:06Z 14061.6 AH2R (OC) Guam W6HTC (NA) USA
21:06Z 14019.0 CM2XN (NA) Cuba W7FD (NA) USA
21:05Z 14074.0 LW5DUS (SA) Argentina DL5DM (EU) Germany FT8 good Signal in DL tnx QSO
21:05Z 14060.8 FY5KE (SA) French Guiana K3CT (NA) USA FN20 CW
21:05Z 14032.0 NP4AW (NA) Puerto Rico W1FM (NA) USA CW
21:05Z 14251.0 YV5ENI (SA) Venezuela N4PHD (NA) USA really in Miami
21:05Z 14013.5 V37DX (NA) Belize AD0WE (NA) USA
21:04Z 14175.0 TA7OM (AS) Turkey PY2FZ (SA) Brazil tnx
21:03Z 14075.5 K9AVT (NA) USA VA3ROC (NA) Canada
21:03Z 14067.7 OH7R (EU) Finland NY6DX (NA) USA
21:03Z 14057.2 OH3Z (EU) Finland WB2ZAB (NA) USA
21:02Z 14003.6 HQ9X (NA) Honduras WA8ZBT (NA) USA
21:02Z 14035.0 EA7TG (EU) Spain W5HP (NA) USA EM12 CW
21:02Z 14026.1 P40W (SA) Aruba NY6DX (NA) USA
21:02Z 14028.0 CU4DX (EU) Azores K1FR (NA) USA FM18
21:02Z 14039.1 JA3YBK (AS) Japan AA5AU (NA) USA EM50
21:01Z 14069.0 KL7RA (NA) Alaska WB2ZAB (NA) USA sri fer dupe!
21:01Z 14011.1 KN7K (NA) USA WS7L (NA) USA CN85 CW
21:01Z 14025.0 TI7W (NA) Costa Rica W7FD (NA) USA
21:00Z 14023.5 GM5A (EU) Scotland W4NDX (NA) USA EL89
21:00Z 14065.2 PY0F (SA) Fernando de Noronha WB2WPM (NA) USA FN02
21:00Z 14200.0 HI8AT (NA) Dominican Republic W4LCM (NA) USA EL95 Calling Dx
21:00Z 14017.9 PY2EX (SA) Brazil WA8ZBT (NA) USA
20:59Z 14074.0 CE8WCI (SA) Chile F1TXI (EU) France IN96 IN96VK<->FD46 R-08
20:59Z 14057.2 OH3Z (EU) Finland NY6DX (NA) USA
20:58Z 14052.8 JR2IOB (AS) Japan K6EU (NA) USA CM97
20:58Z 14251.0 YV5ENI (SA) Venezuela WA2CXA (NA) USA FN22 GUD TO CUAGN, LUIS,73
20:58Z 14069.0 KL7RA (NA) Alaska WF3H (NA) USA EL09
20:57Z 14208.0 EA3AKP (EU) Spain KG2DT (NA) USA 59++ NNJ xq
20:56Z 14062.2 CO2CW (NA) Cuba NY6DX (NA) USA 5 watts wow
20:56Z 14059.9 KP4/N5NSJ (NA) Puerto Rico N3AL (NA) USA IOTA NA099
20:56Z 14024.6 HP3SS (NA) Panama VE3XNS (NA) Canada FN04 CW
20:56Z 14021.6 IK4DCX (EU) Italy IU4FKR (EU) Italy ARRL CW
20:56Z 14025.6 TI7W (NA) Costa Rica WA8ZBT (NA) USA
20:55Z 14060.4 FY5KE (SA) French Guiana N3AL (NA) USA
20:55Z 14051.2 IO3F (EU) Italy W8HC (NA) USA CW
20:55Z 14027.0 KH7M (OC) Hawaii W7FD (NA) USA
20:55Z 14066.3 ZR2A (AF) South Africa NE8Z (NA) USA Uli KK8I CQ SEMDXA
20:55Z 14058.0 PT2AW (SA) Brazil NY6DX (NA) USA
20:54Z 14074.0 PP4KVA (SA) Brazil F1TXI (EU) France IN96 IN96VK<->HI10 R-8
20:54Z 14100.0 L20X (SA) Argentina ON4VT (EU) Belgium JO21 LH ARLHS ARG 031
20:54Z 14074.0 PT7BI (SA) Brazil SP9TBT (EU) Poland FT8---73. 925
20:54Z 14024.8 HP3SS (NA) Panama W5LE (NA) USA EM15
20:53Z 14036.5 VP2MSS (NA) Montserrat WA8ZBT (NA) USA
20:53Z 14021.9 IR6T (EU) Italy VE3XNS (NA) Canada FN04 CW
20:53Z 14065.3 PY0F (SA) Fernando de Noronha W6HTC (NA) USA
20:52Z 14056.1 5B/RN3QO (AS) Cyprus K5BG (NA) USA EM12 CW
20:52Z 14065.7 TF3SG (EU) Iceland KU2US (NA) USA 559 OK copy!
20:52Z 14009.4 K0EA (NA) USA K7MSO (NA) USA DN36 CW
20:51Z 14175.0 TA7OM (AS) Turkey PY2BN (SA) Brazil Cq cq dx
20:51Z 14029.0 KH7B (OC) Hawaii W7FD (NA) USA
20:51Z 14015.5 IZ8EPX (EU) Italy KU9Z (NA) USA
20:51Z 14035.7 KP2M (NA) US Virgin Islands WD9Q (NA) USA
20:51Z 14048.9 CO2RQ (NA) Cuba N1DM (NA) USA FN42
20:51Z 14019.5 CM2XN (NA) Cuba WA8ZBT (NA) USA
20:50Z 14270.0 IU7FBC/VE3 (EU) Italy IU7FBC (EU) Italy cq cq south america
20:50Z 14061.2 IR2Q (EU) Italy W8HC (NA) USA CW

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