DX Cluster IZ3MEZ-8

WEB DX Cluster For HAM Radio IZ3MEZ-8

For non-registered users only enabled RX Spot. For registered users enable all features.
To be enabled contact francesco@iz3mez.it

ACCESS FROM INTERNET: telnet cluster.iz3mez.it 8000
ACCESS FROM AMPR NET: telnet dxc.iz3mez.ampr.org 8000 or telnet 8000
IZ3MEZ INTERNET: https://www.iz3mez.it
IZ3MEZ AMPR NET: http://iz3mez.ampr.org

Today spots
DX Cont spots
Date: 07 April 2020 Time: 01:20:42Z (UTC)

Server: dxc.iz3mez.ampr.org | Node: 2 | VPN: Up | CPU: 10% | MEM Free: 89%

Selected HF 20 m: 14000 kHz – 14350 kHz

01:18Z 14195.0 PY2JY (SA) Brazil HC5F (SA) Ecuador Tnx QSO 73
01:15Z 14237.0 4A6KM (NA) Mexico WB0OQV (NA) USA EM37
01:09Z 14237.0 4A60M (NA) Mexico AC0O (NA) USA
01:07Z 14040.0 R207RRC (EU) European Russia JE2SOY (AS) Japan nw beaming ja few takers qsx
01:05Z 14237.0 4A60M (NA) Mexico KE1DX (NA) USA FN31
01:04Z 14237.0 4A60M (NA) Mexico VE7MHC (NA) Canada CN89 59 into Vancouver BC 73'S
01:04Z 14040.0 R207RRC (EU) European Russia RW0BG (AS) Asiatic Russia NP49 IOTA AS-207 http://r207rrc.ru
01:03Z 14237.0 4A60M (NA) Mexico KF6JOQ (NA) USA loud into ca
01:02Z 14040.0 R207RRC (EU) European Russia RW0BG (AS) Asiatic Russia NP49 up1
01:00Z 14039.9 R207RRC (EU) European Russia PY5DK (SA) Brazil GG37 Tnx. DX Expedition(AS-207)Ko
00:57Z 14074.0 JT1BV (AS) Mongolia 9Z4Y (SA) Trinidad & Tobago FK90 tnx FT8 vy Strong in Caribbea
00:55Z 14074.0 WP4G (NA) Puerto Rico JJ1ENZ (AS) Japan FT8
00:55Z 14237.0 4A60M (NA) Mexico XE3RLU (NA) Mexico
00:53Z 14237.0 GA60M (EU) Scotland XE3RLU (NA) Mexico CQ
00:53Z 14195.0 PY2JY (SA) Brazil AI6US (NA) USA
00:47Z 14040.0 R207RRC (EU) European Russia K7PI (NA) USA CN87 AS207 New IOTA Up 1
00:45Z 14255.0 PT7ZT (SA) Brazil WA6PPX (NA) USA
00:44Z 14019.0 XE2RT (NA) Mexico K6RC (NA) USA CM98
00:43Z 14255.0 PT7ZT (SA) Brazil AI6US (NA) USA
00:42Z 14237.0 4A60M (NA) Mexico K6RC (NA) USA CM98
00:39Z 14019.0 XE2RT (NA) Mexico AJ9K (NA) USA 599 in WI
00:38Z 14237.0 4A6OM (NA) Mexico WA6PPX (NA) USA
00:38Z 14039.9 R207RRC (EU) European Russia UN5J (AS) Kazakhstan cq up
00:36Z 14040.0 R207RRC (EU) European Russia W3LPL (NA) USA FM19 Heard in AB
00:35Z 14236.9 4A60M (NA) Mexico KL7SB (NA) Alaska USB
00:35Z 14075.5 RW0SM (AS) Asiatic Russia W7JWT (NA) USA
00:34Z 14074.0 N2YET (NA) USA BG3UPA (AS) China CQ AS
00:34Z 14040.0 R207RRC (EU) European Russia K6RC (NA) USA CM98 split up 1
00:32Z 14039.9 R207RRC (EU) European Russia K6RC (NA) USA CM98
00:26Z 14232.0 HH2AA (NA) Haiti WA6PPX (NA) USA
00:25Z 14019.0 XE2RT (NA) Mexico VE3VTG (NA) Canada FN03
00:21Z 14081.0 K6SJT (NA) USA NP2Q (NA) US Virgin Islands
00:20Z 14232.0 HH2AA (NA) Haiti N3NBT (NA) USA
00:19Z 14080.0 XV1X (AS) Vietnam 3W1T (AS) Vietnam
00:19Z 14232.0 HH2AA (NA) Haiti N9PWM (NA) USA EN41
00:17Z 14232.0 HH2AA (NA) Haiti KV3U (NA) USA FN10
00:15Z 14230.0 1400 (NA) USA EA4JH (EU) Spain nada
00:14Z 14232.0 HH2AA (NA) Haiti WA4IAX (NA) USA
00:14Z 14080.8 UA0IGG (AS) Asiatic Russia W0BBI (NA) USA EM36 FT4
00:13Z 14081.0 KY4T (NA) USA NP2Q (NA) US Virgin Islands
00:12Z 14039.9 R207RRC (EU) European Russia JK1JXB (AS) Japan tnx up 1.9
00:11Z 14074.0 HH2AA (NA) Haiti BG3UPA (AS) China PES CW OR FT8
00:11Z 14232.0 HH2AA (NA) Haiti WK4K (NA) USA EM66
00:11Z 14081.0 N2BN (NA) USA NP2Q (NA) US Virgin Islands
00:08Z 14074.0 JE1XUL (AS) Japan BG3UPA (AS) China 73
00:08Z 14232.0 HH2AA (NA) Haiti W2MJP (NA) USA IOTA NA-096
00:05Z 14232.0 HH2AA (NA) Haiti W8KA (NA) USA Loud in W6
00:03Z 14040.0 R207RRC (EU) European Russia N5UD (NA) USA weak in TX up 1
00:02Z 14039.9 R207RRC (EU) European Russia AC4CA (NA) USA EM00 CQ DX
00:01Z 14081.0 WB3FHU (NA) USA NP2Q (NA) US Virgin Islands
00:00Z 14074.0 W0MU (NA) USA EA4GTJ (EU) Spain

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