WEB DX Cluster for HAM radio IZ3MEZ-8

For non-registered users only enabled RX Spot. For registered users enable all features.
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ACCESS FROM INTERNET: telnet cluster.iz3mez.it 8000
ACCESS FROM AMPR NET: telnet dxc.iz3mez.ampr.org 8000 or telnet 8000
IZ3MEZ INTERNET: https://www.iz3mez.it
IZ3MEZ AMPR NET: http://iz3mez.ampr.org

Today spots
DX Cont spots
Date: 24 October 2019 Time: 00:34:57Z (UTC)

Server: dxc.iz3mez.ampr.org | Node: 2 | VPN: Up | CPU: 11% | MEM Free: 88%

Selected HF 20 mt: 14000 KHz – 14350 KHz

00:33Z 14268.0 KH6/NA2U (OC) Hawaii KG5SFT (NA) USA EL09WN<->BK29FQ correct call
00:30Z 14268.0 K26/NA2U (NA) USA KG5SFT (NA) USA EL09WN<-> 59 into South Centra
00:29Z 14268.0 KH6/NA2U (OC) Hawaii PY2ADX (SA) Brazil GG68
00:29Z 14023.0 VP6R (OC) Pitcairn Islands W2DX (NA) USA up 2
00:26Z 14268.0 KH6/NA2U (OC) Hawaii WA6PPX (NA) USA
00:25Z 14268.0 KH6/NA2U (OC) Hawaii AI6GM (NA) USA JJ00
00:25Z 14074.0 5K0K (NA) San Andres and Providencia W6NUC (NA) USA CM99 ft8 in idaho 73
00:25Z 14074.0 5K0K (NA) San Andres and Providencia W6WDY (NA) USA DM04 DM04<->EK92
00:21Z 14023.0 VP6R (OC) Pitcairn Islands KB5FLA (NA) USA QSX 14025.0
00:21Z 14268.0 KH6 (OC) Hawaii KI5EMQ (NA) USA DM65RC<->BK29FQ
00:17Z 14023.0 VP6R (OC) Pitcairn Islands XE2EX (NA) Mexico DM11 up
00:16Z 14023.0 VP6R (OC) Pitcairn Islands PY3YD (SA) Brazil GG30 tnx UP
00:14Z 14023.4 VP6R (OC) Pitcairn Islands K7AYW (NA) USA 599 OR
00:10Z 14023.0 VP6R (OC) Pitcairn Islands HL2WA (AS) South Korea PM37 UP
00:10Z 14270.0 JS6UEA (AS) Japan DJ4EL (EU) Germany AS-017, Okinawa Isl.
00:10Z 14023.0 VP6R (OC) Pitcairn Islands K1BZ (NA) USA yep caught me...! VP it is.
00:10Z 14023.0 VP6R (OC) Pitcairn Islands K5NOF (NA) USA QSX 14025 IOTA OC044 Strong i
00:09Z 14023.0 VU7RI/NOT (AS) Lakshadweep Islands K3PA (NA) USA EM29 Listen!
00:09Z 14023.0 VP6R (OC) Pitcairn Islands W3LPL (NA) USA FM19 Heard in NH
00:08Z 14023.0 VU7RI (AS) Lakshadweep Islands AA1JD (NA) USA Up 1, 579 here
00:07Z 14024.9 VP6R (OC) Pitcairn Islands K6RC (NA) USA CM98
00:07Z 14023.0 VP6R (OC) Pitcairn Islands K2WK (NA) USA FM08 Not VU7
00:06Z 14023.0 VU7RI (AS) Lakshadweep Islands K1BZ (NA) USA weak in QSB Up.8
00:05Z 14023.0 VP6R (OC) Pitcairn Islands AB6BT (NA) USA Still not VU7
00:05Z 14075.7 KP4COD (NA) Puerto Rico W7AII (NA) USA DM26
00:03Z 14023.0 VU7RI/NOT (AS) Lakshadweep Islands K5FZ (NA) USA Not vu7ri
00:03Z 14023.0 VP6R (OC) Pitcairn Islands K4WA (NA) USA EM60 Strong W Coast because it's V
00:02Z 14236.0 CE6CGX (SA) Chile VE5NEC (NA) Canada
00:01Z 14023.0 VU7RI (AS) Lakshadweep Islands W6OPO (NA) USA Strong West Coast

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