WEB DX Cluster for HAM radio IZ3MEZ-8

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Today spots
DX Cont spots
Date: 10 December 2019 Time: 03:34:50Z (UTC)

Server: dxc.iz3mez.ampr.org | Node: 2 | VPN: Up | CPU: 36% | MEM Free: 86%

Selected HF 40 mt: 7000 KHz – 7200 KHz

03:34Z 7158.0 9K2GS (AS) Kuwait NQ3F (NA) USA EM41 cq dx
03:34Z 7158.0 9K2GS (AS) Kuwait W4BZM (NA) USA Call sign correction, sorry.
03:32Z 7147.0 ZS6CCY (AF) South Africa NQ3F (NA) USA EM41 cq dx
03:24Z 7147.0 ZS6CCY (AF) South Africa KU4I (NA) USA
03:22Z 7095.0 R0SB (AS) Asiatic Russia R3EV (EU) European Russia tnx QSO 73 !!! Gud contakt!
03:22Z 7074.0 KE4BFI (NA) USA PY2ANH (SA) Brazil FT8 -06dB from EM86
03:22Z 7158.0 9K2GS (AS) Kuwait KM4C (NA) USA EM95
03:20Z 7147.0 ZS6CCY (AF) South Africa NA4J (NA) USA EM96
03:10Z 7026.4 I1MMR (EU) Italy NA4J (NA) USA EM96
03:09Z 7147.0 ZS6CCY (AF) South Africa W5AZ (NA) USA
03:02Z 7074.0 P41E (SA) Aruba N2JF (NA) USA EL96
03:01Z 7026.4 I1MMR (EU) Italy K0AL (NA) USA FB sigs into SW FL
02:55Z 7074.0 DL5ZBA (EU) Germany PY2ANH (SA) Brazil FT8 -12dB from JO40 797Hz
02:49Z 7074.0 I1RJP (EU) Italy N3COB (NA) USA
02:45Z 7074.6 CT3MD (AF) Madeira Islands PY4EP (SA) Brazil tnx dr OM GLDX 73s
02:44Z 7014.0 RU0SYL (AS) Asiatic Russia RK6BH (EU) European Russia TNX FOR FB QSO
02:41Z 7075.8 L50JT (SA) Argentina PY4EP (SA) Brazil tnx dr OM GLDX 73s
02:35Z 7074.0 AC9E (NA) USA KA8TBW (NA) USA EN61 FT8
02:17Z 7170.0 K1RX (NA) USA W3WW (NA) USA EL97
02:15Z 7237.0 KE6TUH (NA) USA KB8YBG (NA) USA Ohio and California calling C
02:12Z 7170.0 K1RX (NA) USA KD8HNF (NA) USA EN72 Rochester, NH
02:09Z 7074.0 F5PSI (EU) France UN5J (AS) Kazakhstan tnx
02:08Z 7014.0 RU0SYL (AS) Asiatic Russia R7YY (EU) European Russia SPB Nadezhda
02:02Z 7004.2 4O4T (EU) Montenegro W3LPL (NA) USA FM19 Heard in NH
02:00Z 7074.0 4S7VG (AS) Sri Lanka LB1HI (EU) Norway JO59 CQ 1306 Hz
01:59Z 7180.5 KD2RD (NA) USA K6JO (NA) USA
01:59Z 7074.0 HC2FJ (SA) Ecuador LB1HI (EU) Norway JO59 CQ 1158 Hz
01:59Z 7020.0 4S7AB (AS) Sri Lanka W3LPL (NA) USA FM19 Heard in MD
01:58Z 7020.0 4S7AB (AS) Sri Lanka FY5KE (SA) French Guiana GJ35 CQ DX
01:57Z 7074.0 VU2RPS (AS) India LB1HI (EU) Norway JO59 CQ 2200 Hz
01:56Z 7074.0 5T5PA (AF) Mauritania LB1HI (EU) Norway JO59 CQ -4 dB 577 Hz
01:54Z 7074.5 ZS5ZP (AF) South Africa KL7TC (NA) Alaska BP64
01:51Z 7020.0 4S7AB (AS) Sri Lanka YV6AA (SA) Venezuela FK70 with OA4/YV6CW
01:39Z 7004.0 VU2GSM (AS) India W4AG (NA) USA FM05 Kanti
01:35Z 7020.0 4S7AB (AS) Sri Lanka EA8ZT (AF) Canary Islands IL28 thx qso !
01:33Z 7017.0 ER1PB (EU) Moldova W3WW (NA) USA EL97
01:31Z 7017.0 ER1PB (EU) Moldova W3LPL (NA) USA FM19 Heard in MD
01:30Z 7004.0 VU2GSM (AS) India W3LPL (NA) USA FM19 Heard in MD
01:29Z 7049.6 HC2TEP (SA) Ecuador W9CY (NA) USA
01:28Z 7020.0 4S7AB (AS) Sri Lanka PY2CSU (SA) Brazil GG68 TNX 73 DX
01:22Z 7020.0 4S7AB (AS) Sri Lanka PY1JR (SA) Brazil GG87 tnx new one!!
01:20Z 7020.0 4S7AB (AS) Sri Lanka 4S7AB (AS) Sri Lanka NJ07 CQ NA CW
01:19Z 7074.0 R3KAI (EU) European Russia RA3QOP (EU) European Russia ft8 FIFTH OCEAN
01:10Z 7018.1 CP4BT (SA) Bolivia PY1JR (SA) Brazil GG87
01:05Z 7143.0 EA8CXY (AF) Canary Islands KB8YBG (NA) USA 5/7 in Ohio..tnx Gerd
01:03Z 7026.0 K8A (NA) USA YV6AA (SA) Venezuela FK70 with OA4/YV6CW
01:01Z 7026.0 K8A (NA) USA LW9EKA (SA) Argentina Up 1
01:01Z 7026.0 K8A (NA) USA PY3XX (SA) Brazil GF49 UP1 WKD 100W TKS
00:59Z 7143.0 RU1QD (EU) European Russia EA8CXY (AF) Canary Islands IL28 tnx fr qso. 73 de Gerd
00:56Z 7026.0 K8A (NA) USA W1UJ (NA) USA QSX 7027.00
00:55Z 7026.1 K8A (NA) USA AG4WY (NA) USA
00:54Z 7074.0 UN7BCF (AS) Kazakhstan SP5GSM (EU) Poland KO02 FT8 -03dB from MO43 1239Hz
00:54Z 7169.0 K1RX (NA) USA KD8HNF (NA) USA EN72 Rochester, NH
00:52Z 7143.0 PY2PGI (SA) Brazil EA8CXY (AF) Canary Islands IL28 tnx fr qso. 73 de Gerd
00:50Z 7018.2 CP4BT (SA) Bolivia W3LPL (NA) USA FM19 Heard in AB
00:48Z 7005.0 PY1JR (SA) Brazil KL0R (NA) Alaska
00:45Z 7218.0 W3SPC (NA) USA KD8HNF (NA) USA EN72 POTA K-2902
00:43Z 7047.5 4U1WB (SA) Chile KA1ERL (NA) USA FN41 ft4
00:41Z 7218.0 W3SPC (NA) USA KP4SE (NA) Puerto Rico FK67 59 IN PUERTO RICO

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