DX Cluster IZ3MEZ-8

WEB DX Cluster For HAM Radio IZ3MEZ-8

For non-registered users only enabled RX Spot. For registered users enable all features.
To be enabled contact francesco@iz3mez.it

ACCESS FROM INTERNET: telnet cluster.iz3mez.it 8000
ACCESS FROM AMPR NET: telnet dxc.iz3mez.ampr.org 8000 or telnet 8000
IZ3MEZ INTERNET: https://www.iz3mez.it
IZ3MEZ AMPR NET: http://iz3mez.ampr.org

Today spots
DX Cont spots
Date: 20 January 2020 Time: 11:32:57Z (UTC)

Server: dxc.iz3mez.ampr.org | Node: 2 | VPN: Up | CPU: 10% | MEM Free: 89%

Selected VHF 6 mt: 50 MHz – 54 MHz

08:45Z 50022.0 LX0SIX/B (EU) Luxembourg F4DNP (EU) France JN38 Good SIG in JN38 this morning
04:50Z 53537.0 W4DAN (NA) USA G0LUH (EU) England IO91 FT8 gud sigs gm om London 73
03:50Z 50313.0 WZ8DX (NA) USA WD9Q (NA) USA EM68SR<->EM79
03:44Z 50313.0 W8RU (NA) USA WD9Q (NA) USA EM68SR<->EN82
03:40Z 50000.0 KF8QL (NA) USA WD9Q (NA) USA EM68SR<->EN72
03:32Z 50313.0 KF8QL (NA) USA WD9Q (NA) USA EM68SR<->EN72
03:31Z 50260.0 N8LRG (NA) USA VE1SKY (NA) Canada CQ
03:17Z 50313.0 N4QWZ (NA) USA WD9Q (NA) USA EM68SR<->EM66
02:45Z 50312.5 N1EVK (NA) USA W2TT (NA) USA FM29 FT8
02:09Z 50260.0 W9FF (NA) USA KK4MA (NA) USA EM92 EM92VX<->EN40
02:06Z 50261.4 KK4MA (NA) USA KU8Y (NA) USA EN61UW<->EM92 MSK144
01:53Z 50179.9 N4QWZ (NA) USA KU8Y (NA) USA EN61UW<->EM66OK
01:52Z 50265.0 K5QE (NA) USA KK4MA (NA) USA EM92 EM92VX<->EM31
01:46Z 50260.0 N5BCA (NA) USA N5BCA (NA) USA EM12 MSK144
01:40Z 50313.0 W7GJ (NA) USA N0LL (NA) USA EM09<->DN27 Es
01:38Z 50313.0 N0LL (NA) USA W7GJ (NA) USA DN27 EM09>DN27
01:27Z 50313.0 N7IR (NA) USA K7KQA (NA) USA DN06<->DM43BI
01:25Z 50313.0 W7OJT (NA) USA W7GJ (NA) USA DN27 DM24>DN27
01:24Z 50313.0 AA7A (NA) USA K7KQA (NA) USA DN06<->DM43AO
01:11Z 50313.0 VE7DAY (NA) Canada W7GJ (NA) USA DN27 >DN27
01:03Z 50313.0 N4MM (NA) USA W2TT (NA) USA FM29 FT8
00:55Z 53030.0 VE3WGW (NA) Canada VE3ES (NA) Canada EN82<->EN82TC Q5
00:51Z 50313.0 K7KQA (NA) USA W7GJ (NA) USA DN27 DN06>DN27
00:50Z 50261.4 K5QE (NA) USA KU8Y (NA) USA EN61UW<->EM31CJ MSK144
00:43Z 50313.0 W2TT (NA) USA N0JK (NA) USA EM28IX<->FM29WR +1850 CQ Test
00:34Z 50313.0 W9FF (NA) USA W7GJ (NA) USA DN27 EN40>DN27
00:19Z 50313.0 W3SO (NA) USA W2TT (NA) USA FM29 FT8
00:18Z 50313.0 KB9TVR (NA) USA W2TT (NA) USA FM29 FT8
00:15Z 50313.0 WN4VCH (NA) USA XE1MEX (NA) Mexico CQ
00:13Z 50313.0 K9IJ (NA) USA NT9E (NA) USA EN52 EN52VI<->EN52
00:13Z 50313.0 N2BJ (NA) USA NT9E (NA) USA EN52 EN52VI<->EN52
00:09Z 50127.0 K2ZD (NA) USA K1MIZ (NA) USA FN42 FN42<->FN21
00:06Z 50125.0 N2FMS (NA) USA W4HLR (NA) USA EM56JB<->FN12DN

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