WEB DX Cluster for HAM radio IZ3MEZ-8

For non-registered users only enabled RX Spot. For registered users enable all features.
To be enabled contact francesco@iz3mez.it

ACCESS FROM INTERNET: telnet cluster.iz3mez.it 8000
ACCESS FROM AMPR NET: telnet dxc.iz3mez.ampr.org 8000 or telnet 8000
IZ3MEZ INTERNET: https://www.iz3mez.it
IZ3MEZ AMPR NET: http://iz3mez.ampr.org

Today spots
DX Cont spots
Date: 17 February 2019 Time: 19:51:02Z (UTC)

Server: dxc.iz3mez.ampr.org | Node: 2 | VPN: Up | CPU: 8% | MEM Free: 88%

Selected VHF 6 mt: 50 MHz – 54 MHz

19:05Z 50313.0 XE1MEX (NA) Mexico WQ5S (NA) USA EM13CI<->EK08 +5 dB FT8
18:46Z 50313.0 NO3I (NA) USA VE3EDY (NA) Canada EN83UA<->EN90TX
18:38Z 50072.2 KD4YDD/B (NA) USA WB7PMP (NA) USA EM95PU<->EM84 weak
18:03Z 50066.2 W5SIX/B (NA) USA WA3GWK (NA) USA EM60BM<->DM54WA
18:00Z 50125.0 AC5RN (NA) USA KD4ESV (NA) USA EL87 EL09<->EL87 55
17:57Z 50073.5 W5RP/B (NA) USA KD4ESV (NA) USA EL87 dm91el87 539
17:55Z 50060.0 K5AB/B (NA) USA KD4ESV (NA) USA EL87 em01el87 539
17:55Z 50314.1 W4IMD (NA) USA N4RWG (NA) USA EM80 FT8
17:52Z 50313.0 W4IMD (NA) USA N4RWG (NA) USA EM80 Calling CQ Now TNX Peter
17:47Z 50313.0 KZ5DP (NA) USA K4MY (NA) USA EM74RE<->EL06UG
17:46Z 50313.0 N4RWG (NA) USA W4IMD (NA) USA EM84 DICK 73 TNX
17:34Z 50313.0 N4RWG (NA) USA WB4LMQ (NA) USA EL97TH<->EM80OF cq -15 db
17:28Z 50313.0 KZ5DP (NA) USA W4IMD (NA) USA EM84 BILL 73 TNX
17:21Z 50313.0 N5TM (NA) USA W4IMD (NA) USA EM84 DAN 73 TNX
17:16Z 50313.0 K4CMC (NA) USA W4IMD (NA) USA EM84 BRUCE 73 TNX
17:12Z 50313.0 W4IMD (NA) USA VE3EDY (NA) Canada EN83UA<->EM84AB
17:02Z 50313.0 W5DDG (NA) USA WB4LMQ (NA) USA EL97TH<->EM34VS tnx 73s
16:57Z 50187.0 TR8CA (AF) Gabon JG2BRI (AS) Japan CQ EME -29dB
16:31Z 50092.0 EA6DX (EU) Balearic Islands EA3AVQ (EU) Spain jm19ls << jn01ne
16:22Z 50313.0 W5LDA (NA) USA W4IMD (NA) USA EM84 LARRY 73 TNX
16:02Z 50313.0 N5HHS (NA) USA VE3EDY (NA) Canada EN83UA<->EL29MM
16:00Z 50314.4 KE8JCD (NA) USA W9WO (NA) USA
15:47Z 50313.0 N5HHS (NA) USA VE3FGU (NA) Canada FN04 EL29<->FN04
15:39Z 50313.0 N5HHS (NA) USA VA3WV (NA) Canada EN93XP<->EL29 FT8
15:22Z 50110.0 XE1DZ (NA) Mexico XE1DZ (NA) Mexico EK19 testing
15:14Z 50000.0 XE1DZ (NA) Mexico XE1DZ (NA) Mexico EK19 testing
15:03Z 50125.0 KK4X (NA) USA WZ1V (NA) USA FN41>FN31
15:01Z 50280.0 4O6AH (EU) Montenegro F4VPC (EU) France IN87VV<->JN92 -1 CQ gl
14:59Z 50067.0 WZ8D/B (NA) USA WB7PMP (NA) USA EM95PU<->EM89 strong
14:40Z 50260.0 WB8JAY (NA) USA AA5C (NA) USA EM13<->EN90 call correction
14:40Z 50313.0 W5GDX (NA) USA VE3EDY (NA) Canada EN83UA<->EM20
14:40Z 50313.0 N5TM (NA) USA VE3EDY (NA) Canada EN83UA<->EL29DS
14:39Z 50314.4 N5TM (NA) USA W9WO (NA) USA
14:38Z 50260.0 N7RF (NA) USA AA5C (NA) USA EM13<->EL09
14:37Z 50260.0 W8MRL (NA) USA AA5C (NA) USA EM13<->EM79
14:37Z 50260.0 WB8JAU (NA) USA AA5C (NA) USA EM13<->EN90
14:36Z 50260.0 K0TPP (NA) USA AA5C (NA) USA EM13<->EM48
14:29Z 50067.0 WZ8D/B (NA) USA N5SYV (NA) USA 589 peaks into em32
14:22Z 50079.5 W8IF/B (NA) USA N5SYV (NA) USA 599 into em32
14:21Z 50260.0 N7RF (NA) USA K0TPP (NA) USA EM48 MSK144 -2 dB
14:06Z 50145.0 KE5JXC (NA) USA W4HLR (NA) USA EM56JB<->EL39UW 5/7 burn tnx
14:06Z 50079.4 W8IF/B (NA) USA N5TM (NA) USA EL29 EM79 <-> EL29
14:06Z 50145.0 KZ4RR (NA) USA W4HLR (NA) USA EM56JB<->EM90GE 5/9 burn tnx
14:05Z 50145.0 KZ4RR (NA) USA K0KKO (NA) USA EM48 59 into EM48
13:56Z 50260.0 N5TM (NA) USA W8MRL (NA) USA EM79 EM79RL<->EL29DS MSK144 24 b
13:52Z 50145.0 KQ4PK (NA) USA W4HLR (NA) USA EM56JB<->FM15HG 5/3 burns tn
13:52Z 50145.0 W4HLR (NA) USA KQ4PK (NA) USA 5/2 as well Lee
13:51Z 50145.0 KQ4PK (NA) USA K0KKO (NA) USA EM48 31 into EM48....super weak Bo
13:48Z 50145.0 K0KKO (NA) USA KQ4PK (NA) USA Hearing U
13:47Z 50260.0 W0VB (NA) USA W4IMD (NA) USA EM84 TERRY 73 TNX
13:43Z 50145.0 K0KKO (NA) USA KQ4PK (NA) USA 5/2 here
13:42Z 50145.0 W9DR (NA) USA KQ4PK (NA) USA Need contact
13:42Z 50145.0 KE5JXC (NA) USA K0KKO (NA) USA EM48 51 into EM48
13:21Z 50260.0 W5LDA (NA) USA W4IMD (NA) USA EM84 LARRY 73 TNX
13:21Z 50145.0 K4CKS (NA) USA W4HLR (NA) USA EM56JB<->EM74 5/7 tnx
13:11Z 50260.0 W8MRL (NA) USA K0TPP (NA) USA EM48 MSK144 +0 dB
13:11Z 50260.0 N1KWF (NA) USA K0TPP (NA) USA EM48 MSK144 +0 dB
13:10Z 50145.0 K0GUV (NA) USA W4HLR (NA) USA EM56JB<->EN26LW 5/7 tnx
13:07Z 50145.0 K0GUV (NA) USA K0KKO (NA) USA EM48 54 into EM48

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