WEB DX Cluster for HAM radio IZ3MEZ-8

For non-registered users only enabled RX Spot. For registered users enable all features.
To be enabled contact francesco@iz3mez.it

ACCESS FROM INTERNET: telnet cluster.iz3mez.it 8000
ACCESS FROM AMPR NET: telnet dxc.iz3mez.ampr.org 8000 or telnet 8000
IZ3MEZ INTERNET: https://www.iz3mez.it
IZ3MEZ AMPR NET: http://iz3mez.ampr.org

Today spots
DX Cont spots
Date: 26 June 2019 Time: 05:54:20Z (UTC)

Server: dxc.iz3mez.ampr.org | Node: 2 | VPN: Up | CPU: 9% | MEM Free: 89%

Selected VHF 6 mt: 50 MHz – 54 MHz

05:53Z 50008.0 DU1EV/B (OC) Philippines JA5FBZ (AS) Japan PM63 Hrd Beacon 579 in pm63
05:52Z 50314.5 F5MYK/MM (EU) France F5MYK (EU) France PM05 now PM04
05:50Z 50313.0 SP1MVG (EU) Poland LZ2CM (EU) Bulgaria -18 0.4 1190 ~ CQ SP1MVG JO
05:50Z 50313.0 IK0YVV (EU) Italy LZ2CM (EU) Bulgaria -10 0.3 1878 ~ CQ IK0YVV JN
05:49Z 50313.0 IS0AWZ (EU) Sardinia LZ2CM (EU) Bulgaria -10 0.1 1129 ~ CQ IS0AWZ
05:49Z 50313.4 JA3PCQ (AS) Japan VK6KXW (OC) Australia OF87 FT8 7636km -15dB OF87jr<->PM74
05:49Z 50313.4 JR1CAD/6 (AS) Japan VK6KXW (OC) Australia OF87 FT8 7636km -15dB OF87jr<->PM74
05:48Z 50313.7 JA3EGE (AS) Japan VK6KXW (OC) Australia OF87 FT8 7636km -15dB OF87jr<->PM74
05:46Z 50313.7 JG1TSG (AS) Japan VK6KXW (OC) Australia OF87 FT8 7920km -15dB OF87jr<->QM05
05:46Z 50313.7 JR3OEH (AS) Japan VK6KXW (OC) Australia OF87 FT8 7636km -15dB OF87jr<->PM74
05:45Z 50314.2 JR3GWZ (AS) Japan VK6KXW (OC) Australia OF87 FT8 7796km -15dB OF87jr<->PM85
05:45Z 50314.2 HL3GOB (AS) South Korea VK6KXW (OC) Australia OF87 FT8 7470km -15dB OF87jr<->PM34
05:43Z 50314.2 JH3CUL (AS) Japan VK6KXW (OC) Australia OF87 FT8 7636km -15dB OF87jr<->PM74
05:43Z 50313.8 JA3FYC (AS) Japan VK6KXW (OC) Australia OF87 FT8 7434km -15dB OF87jr<->PM53
05:43Z 50313.8 JA6BZI (AS) Japan VK6KXW (OC) Australia OF87 FT8 7434km -15dB OF87jr<->PM53
05:36Z 50313.0 DK8NE (EU) Germany LZ2CM (EU) Bulgaria -10 0.2 2331 ~ CQ DX DK8NE
05:33Z 50313.0 DK9ZQ (EU) Germany LZ2CM (EU) Bulgaria -17 0.0 1628 ~ DL2DT DK9ZQ
05:33Z 50313.0 F4TTR (EU) France LZ2CM (EU) Bulgaria -18 0.1 1493 ~ CQ F4TTR JN1
05:26Z 50313.0 4S7VG (AS) Sri Lanka 4S7VG (AS) Sri Lanka MJ96 cq JA
05:22Z 50313.0 EA3ELZ (EU) Spain DH6DAO (EU) Germany JO41CN<->JN01ND
05:18Z 50313.0 UN3GX (AS) Kazakhstan JE1CCD (AS) Japan
05:07Z 50314.0 BM6JGL (AS) Taiwan VK3OT (OC) Australia QF12 PL02<->QF12 FT8 73
05:04Z 50313.0 BM6GJL (AS) Taiwan VK4WTN (OC) Australia -14 cq
04:54Z 50108.0 VR2ZQZ/P (AS) Hong Kong VR2ZQZ (AS) Hong Kong CQ
04:44Z 50313.0 VR2KW (AS) Hong Kong VK4WTN (OC) Australia -16 icw VK3OT
04:43Z 50316.0 VR2KW (AS) Hong Kong VK3OT (OC) Australia QF12 TNX FT8 QSO 73
04:41Z 50314.0 VR2XYL (AS) Hong Kong VK3OT (OC) Australia QF12 OL72 Ft8 QSO 73/88
04:41Z 50314.0 BD7OH (AS) China VK3OT (OC) Australia QF12 OL72<->Qf12 FT8 73
04:38Z 50314.5 VR2XYL (AS) Hong Kong F5MYK (EU) France PM05 CQ DX fm OL72:ES:PM05
04:34Z 50313.0 JK1OZS (AS) Japan VK3DUT (OC) Australia -7 wkg vk3oer
04:34Z 50314.1 JH3VJV (AS) Japan F5MYK (EU) France PM05 weak butOk, tks! CU 10'
04:25Z 50314.5 F5MYK/MM (EU) France F5MYK (EU) France PM05 unmanned PM05, PM04@0444
04:25Z 50314.8 JA3UVR (AS) Japan F5MYK (EU) France PM05 qso w/JA8FYE PM74:ES:PM05
04:20Z 50313.0 VR2KW (AS) Hong Kong VK3DUT (OC) Australia CQ -5
04:19Z 50313.0 LA7DFA (EU) Norway PE1DCY (EU) Netherlands jo22<->jp33 ft8
04:17Z 50313.0 PE1DCY (EU) Netherlands LA7DFA (EU) Norway +2 on back of beam
04:11Z 50313.0 4S7AVR (AS) Sri Lanka 4S6RYD (AS) Sri Lanka ft8 ja
04:08Z 50313.0 XE1H (NA) Mexico N6RW (NA) USA DM34
04:07Z 50313.0 VR2XYL (AS) Hong Kong VK3DUT (OC) Australia -19 beam was still on Us
03:49Z 50313.0 XE2AT (NA) Mexico N6RW (NA) USA DM34
03:45Z 50313.0 DU1/JA3FJE (OC) Philippines JE1CCD (AS) Japan
03:45Z 50313.0 XE2HWB (NA) Mexico XE2OR (NA) Mexico DL98 DL98OK<->DL44UC CQ FT8
03:44Z 50293.0 VK5GF (OC) Australia VK2HC (OC) Australia WSPR
03:43Z 50075.0 VR2SIX/B (AS) Hong Kong JA1JXT (AS) Japan
03:28Z 50313.0 VR2XYL (AS) Hong Kong VK3OER (OC) Australia QF23 QF23DB<->OL72 FT8
03:26Z 50313.0 4S7RM (AS) Sri Lanka 4S6RYD (AS) Sri Lanka ft8
03:13Z 50313.0 NH6Y (OC) Hawaii VE6TA (NA) Canada ft8
03:11Z 50313.7 NH6Y (OC) Hawaii W7DEQ (NA) USA CN88 Thanks Tom!
02:56Z 50313.0 JG1TSG (AS) Japan K0SIX (NA) USA EN35 <->QM05 FT8
02:54Z 50313.0 NH6Y (OC) Hawaii W7GJ (NA) USA DN27 BL10>DN27
02:51Z 50313.0 JE4URN (AS) Japan W7GJ (NA) USA DN27 PM53>DN27
02:49Z 50313.0 VE7PS (NA) Canada NH6Y (OC) Hawaii BL10 BL10TS<->DN09
02:47Z 50313.0 N6WS (NA) USA KE6KJD/ (NA) USA CN74WA<->CM95SE
02:45Z 50313.0 VA6ZO (NA) Canada KF6A (NA) USA EN73PJ<->DO32CF CQ FT8
02:41Z 50313.0 KG7CW (NA) USA NH6Y (OC) Hawaii BL10 BL10TS<->DN14
02:37Z 50313.0 EA3KT (EU) Spain AD1C (NA) USA DM79 FT8 heard in DM79, once
02:30Z 50313.0 WL7N (NA) Alaska KF6A (NA) USA EN73PJ<->CO45 -4
02:30Z 50313.0 JA3BOA (AS) Japan W6TOD (NA) USA DM15CQ<->PM74MU
02:29Z 50312.5 KG7V (NA) USA KD7WPJ (NA) USA CN77<->CM97
02:21Z 50313.0 WB7AJP (NA) USA KD7WPJ (NA) USA CN87<->CM97

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