WEB DX Cluster for HAM radio IZ3MEZ-8

For non-registered users only enabled RX Spot. For registered users enable all features.
To be enabled contact francesco@iz3mez.it

ACCESS FROM INTERNET: telnet cluster.iz3mez.it 8000
ACCESS FROM AMPR NET: telnet dxc.iz3mez.ampr.org 8000 or telnet 8000
IZ3MEZ INTERNET: https://www.iz3mez.it
IZ3MEZ AMPR NET: http://iz3mez.ampr.org

Today spots
DX Cont spots
Date: 17 February 2019 Time: 19:46:05Z (UTC)

Server: dxc.iz3mez.ampr.org | Node: 2 | VPN: Up | CPU: 11% | MEM Free: 90%

Selected Parks On The Air

19:11Z 7249.0 KN4MQR (NA) USA K4CAE (NA) USA EM94 POTA K-3627 Correct Call
19:07Z 7249.0 KN4NQR (NA) USA AB4EL (NA) USA POTA K-3627
18:57Z 7249.0 KN4NQR (NA) USA K8MDX (NA) USA EN72 POTA
18:53Z 7229.0 K8HU (NA) USA K4WP (NA) USA EM92 K-2727 POTA
18:53Z 14284.0 W2KP (NA) USA VE2SYY (NA) Canada FN35 k-0819 POTA
18:53Z 7249.0 WD8SCV (NA) USA K0ATZ (NA) USA K-1968 POTA
18:50Z 7243.0 VE2GT (NA) Canada W9OO (NA) USA CNPOTA QC14
18:50Z 14284.0 W2KP (NA) USA K4WP (NA) USA EM92 K-0819 POTA CA
18:49Z 7229.0 K8HU (NA) USA KB5VJY (NA) USA EM32 POTA K-2727
18:49Z 7249.0 KN4MQR (NA) USA K0ATZ (NA) USA K-3627 POTA
18:38Z 14284.0 W2KP (NA) USA K0ATZ (NA) USA K-0819 POTA
18:37Z 14284.0 W2SP (NA) USA K0ATZ (NA) USA K-0819 POTA
18:36Z 7262.0 KD4CB (NA) USA W4DFG (NA) USA EM94 POTA 2712
18:32Z 7218.0 WD8SCV (NA) USA W1AM (NA) USA POTA K-5455
18:25Z 14306.0 WD8SCV (NA) USA K0ATZ (NA) USA K-5455 POTA
18:16Z 14306.0 VE2GT (NA) Canada K0ATZ (NA) USA VE-4900 POTA
18:13Z 7229.0 K8HU (NA) USA K0ATZ (NA) USA K-2727 POTA
18:10Z 14306.0 VE2GT (NA) Canada WB9OWN (NA) USA NPOTA QC14
18:03Z 14304.0 VE2GT (NA) Canada W9OO (NA) USA CNPOTA QC14
17:47Z 7220.0 KN4NQR (NA) USA K8MDX (NA) USA EN72 POTA 1848
17:39Z 7220.0 KN4MQR (NA) USA K4WP (NA) USA EM92 K-1848 POTA
17:29Z 7240.0 W8MSC (NA) USA KC1CBQ (NA) USA POTA K-4239 MI
17:29Z 7220.0 KN4MQR (NA) USA K0ATZ (NA) USA K-1848 POTA
17:20Z 14291.0 W8MSC (NA) USA K0ATZ (NA) USA K-4239 POTA
17:16Z 18130.0 VE2GT (NA) Canada VE2PIJ (NA) Canada qc14 ve-4900 pota
17:09Z 14291.0 W8MSC (NA) USA K0ATZ (NA) USA K-1556 POTA
17:05Z 14291.0 W8MSC (NA) USA K4WP (NA) USA EM92 K-1556 POTA
16:47Z 7248.0 W8MSC (NA) USA KB5VJY (NA) USA EM32 POTA K-1556
16:37Z 7248.0 W8MSC (NA) USA KM4RKT (NA) USA EM73 POTA K-1556
16:33Z 14074.0 VE3IHR (NA) Canada VE3PCP (NA) Canada POTA VE-0233
16:30Z 14304.0 VE2GT (NA) Canada W1AM (NA) USA POTA VE-4900
16:21Z 14304.0 VE2GT (NA) Canada VE2PIJ (NA) Canada qc14 pota ve-4900
16:17Z 7248.0 W8MSC (NA) USA KC1CBQ (NA) USA POTA K-1556 MI
15:52Z 14270.0 WG9K (NA) USA W3ADX (NA) USA POTA K-1891
15:49Z 7248.0 W8MSC (NA) USA K9BBQ (NA) USA POTA K-1556
15:45Z 14270.0 WG9K (NA) USA K9BBQ (NA) USA POTA k-1891 55IL
15:18Z 14260.5 KP4ES (NA) Puerto Rico W8ZST (NA) USA K-4671 POTA
13:33Z 7018.0 W0ZA (NA) USA JA7MVX (AS) Japan cq test de:potabl/7
03:46Z 21026.0 XX9D (AS) Macau JA7MVX (AS) Japan up2 Tnx de:potabl/7
00:13Z 7217.0 KN4MQR (NA) USA K0ATZ (NA) USA k-1878 POTA
00:09Z 3847.0 W8TAM (NA) USA W8ZST (NA) USA K-1522 POTA Late Shift
00:09Z 3847.0 W8TAM (NA) USA K0ATZ (NA) USA K-1522 POTA

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